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It's completely new sounds. It's completely new genres like the content because it's like it's such a new generation and the creative freedom. It's because of the way it works, they don't have to enter the existing system and be influenced by whatever agency. It's the full creative control. It's the full control of your content. It's the ownership. It's the upstream that kind of not worrying about the upstream distribution and letting it come to you and it is changing the culture of the content we create and make people be more freely. Some of my favorite tweets are things that are like, I would never have created that to me that song out and it's my favorite song. I love it and I don't think I ever would have gotten to get to that point to make that song or do that if I didn't if I wasn't focusing on music NFTs, right? It's enabling is enabling an even better culture and environment to create it, which is like making the sounds and the content even better. Step step out from the creators like the consumer is us like I find myself often digging through my Friends wallets trying to find music that they collected and listened to that. Like I've discovered bloody white through spin 8 O 8, right? So I just kind of like going through what he was collecting because I like his taste and listening to some of that stuff and be like, wow, this is a really great song and then guess what I did right afterwards. I went and collected it, you know? And it's sort of like it's changed the entire behavior of consumption. It's changed the entire behavior of creation. And I think you nailed it and I wrote this down. You sounds new genres and new platforms like that's web three. And web three, here's another great quote. Web three is built for the next generation of creators. I love that. I think it's a great way to sort of sum up this entire conversation and to sort of add the cherry on top on this brand new article that you put together. Brett, before I let you go, I want to be very cognizant of the time that we're in in crypto today. It's like beyond a bear market. People are getting slashed left and right. Very unfortunately, people are losing a lot of money, trusting all these different applications, funds, platforms, exchanges. How can creators keep their heads up and continue creating, especially when they're seeing all these external events kind of like triggering their new environment? Yeah, I mean, it's more correlated now than right now than it will ever be again going forward. It just gets less and less correlated. Like the prices of whatever FTP and soul and the collateral damage to other tokens and all of this, even the effect it has on people's liquidity to buy NFTs. It's more tied together now than ever. It all came from one place. In 2017, there was only ICOs. We're expanding the more and more categories. It becomes more and more separate over time. But I mean, I love to see, it's crazy. If you're on sound right now, if you're on glass right now, it looks like all time highs. It's unaffected. I mean, Daniel Allen's floor just got swept, like 13 E yesterday, like a bloodbath, right? Crazy. Like the other day, right? You have real Craig and does the last minute, one hour note is dropped. Sells out in less than a minute. Right? Like things that are doing well content that's doing well, the communities that are growing around these creators and these content.

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