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Partner, Jerry Carney, Vice President discussed on The Twenty Minute VC


We all back home in twenty minutes with me harry stabbings you can see more from us behind the scenes on instagram at h stabbings nineteen ninetysix stabbings with cheese where we will also be posting the upcoming guests for the show and you can submit your questions ahead of time and be named on the show and we really would love to see that but to the show stay on an episode which really reminds me just what an honor and a privilege it is to do the show so i'm very thrilled to welcome jerry chen partner gray lock one of the world's most successful vc funds with prior investments in check this out facebook instagram linden airbnb dropbox app dynamics the list really does go on of incredible companies as to jerry jerry invest and entrepreneurs building new enterprise sas applications and in all aspects of ai and cloud infrastructure jerry carney sits on the board of docker kato network gladly rumbek spoke and blend and prior to joining gray lock jerry was vice president of cloud and application services at vm wet while he was part of the executive team scaled the company from two hundred and fifty to over fifteen thousand employees and five billion dollars in revenue if you haven't already you must check how jerry's recent rising on risk the game of strategic investment it really is a fantastic piece and you can find the links on the twenty minute v c dot com but before we dive into the show stay on new sponsor sponsoring i made a splash when they were on shark tank a few years ago the concept genius if someone ruins your doorbell and you want home or don't want to come to the door you can respond to the person using just your smartphone adding a level of both security on convenience today over million people using the ring video doorbell to help protect their homes and mouring has a great new product cool bring floodlight cam just like rings amazing doorbell front light cameras a motion activated camera and fertilize with hd video and two way audio that lets you know the moment anyone steps onto your property and you can see i'm speed to vinson's even set off a built in a.

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