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So he's just got to put the ball in play and move the baseball a little more than he did last year talking to David Ross. Michelle Pennzoil performance line. David we still we saw the big Aaron auto contract we've seen Machado and Harper now signed for three hundred plus million dollar deals. You weren't a player to all that let you you were a player not too long ago. I should say here all the claims that we've heard this offseason about the broken system surrounding free agency and the players mentioning a strike. Do you think a lot of those same claims are still valid now. Even that we've seen the gaudy contracts. Yeah. No doubt. I mean, you've got you've got the top tier guys are picking up some money, but you got those mediocre guys. Or even some some studs are still out there. Kimbro Tikal Marlene Gonzales. I thought was going to get a humongous deal. He got two for twenty one thought that was very undervalued. Claire, so yeah, I think there's some middle of the road players. And and even some some just under the top player guys that aren't getting paid or the length of contracts that players feel like they deserve. So there's still a broken system out there. And I know players aren't real happy about it. Adam wainwright. I can't remember told BUSTER Tim Kirch in that he believes it's one hundred percent certainty of a strike the way things are right now. What do you think? The odds are that coming up, and and how significant this might be a possibility, but work stoppage. When the CBA is up. Yeah. The CBA is going to be a scary moment for baseball. I hope that the two sides can come to some sort of agreement before they start to to fix the system. I think. You know, the owners are definitely leading the charge here and kind of taking advantage of maybe this CBA and where the players union. Kind of getting stick to their guns or get the things that that may be valued. Now that they they would go back and do. So I think there's an extreme worry from from. Everybody's perspective that this may be this may be a work stoppage CBA. But I as a baseball fan. I hope not David is far has one more overall on the Phillies in the bedding world there over underwent from eighty six and a half to eighty nine and a half as far as an odds of making the playoff improved as well. Where do you see them in the division? Are they easily the favourite and then in the National League where do you see them? Definitely not easy to favor the vision for me. I'm either going to be good. But this division is extremely extremely difficult. I think the Mets are going to be released. Good. They've got great starting pitching along with the NATs. Think the national surprise somebody? Maybe again, we put them in the top for many years now. But this may be there some great young talent. And their starting pitching edition of Corbin. I love what the brain of the race on the division last year. Nadan Donaldson finally get some protection for FREDDY Freeman along with the Phillies. So this may be the toughest division in the National League. And but they're at the top there in that mix for me all those teams are there. Some really really good talent in that east and in the National League right now, and they're definitely in that mix. All right. So we got the breaking news from David Ross Phillies wasted three hundred thirty million dollars. More wind division got appreciate it. Just kidding. Just getting thanks for being with us this morning. We'll see what happens. Always great to talk to you guys. Could you imagine? Yeah. In a world if the nationals win that division this year after this move people would be horse poop and not the fun way. Not in the good way. The horse poop as well. That's well if they if they don't win the division. I mean, I mean, forget not winning the division. If they lost the division to the team. You just got Bryce Harper from the abject held that would be unreal. And again the forth game of the season. They open with a home set do the Phillies against Atlanta. And then the fourth game. I believe April second is at Washington. So keep an eye on that one. And then you go to his bigger topic of the strike and the paying, and I guess that's because that's what I was the foot soldiers is the term I like to use you see the high paid guys, but it's the middle of the road. And I don't know what's considered the middle of the road in major league baseball. You know, what do you wanna go down to? I'm looking at salaries from two thousand and eighteen and what guys made is middle of the road is is it under under ten million dollars. Is it under five million dollars? Stop at ten million dollars with one hundred twenty four players you stop at five million. Dollars with two hundred and forty one players. They're seven hundred fifty players in major league baseball, so still the majority are going to be lower than that. So those are the guy that a lot we're talking about the rich are gonna get richer. We know that. But in right now to me, it's only basketball or the foot soldiers are getting paid because they are making huge money in there. And it's a smallest roster out there for the money is definitely filtering down in baseball. There is no cap. There is no like NBA five years, and you get this three thirteen year deals going on right now. So that's who's getting hurt as the middleman gets hurt and this. All right. So let's take this one step further. Right. Because we all know baseball almost destroyed itself in the last work stoppage, the strike that ended. There wasn't a world. Ninety four baseball do itself. What the world wars could not do stop a World Series from being played. And it took quite frankly, the the steroid homerun era and Cal Ripken. Breaking Lou Gehrig's record to really bring people back to the game. So now, we're in a situation with baseball. Well, while revenues are up attendance is down the average fan. I think of major league baseball is fifty seven years old that is by far the oldest of the four big sports in this country. If there's a work stoppage when you're seeing a Manny Machado for a three hundred million dollar contract when you're getting Nolan Aaron autos contract at a higher value than any other position player, and he can opt out after a few years when you get a thirteen year contract for three hundred thirty million dollars. How is that going to play in a sport that needs a positive perception? Not well like horrifically right above. I just don't see how that's a win. Well, I support. I guess my point would be how does it affect you the consumer if for in Philadelphia in San Diego are the prices going up, you know, let's be honest. Okay. You can love your team. But, you know, love comes to watch on TV, buying jersey going to the game paying for parking buying a beer, if all of a sudden that all goes up, and you can point and say while the players are making all this money. And now, I'm going to say I'm paying for it and more goes into it. But we know it's revenue and part of it is ticket prices. So I think it would be unsalaried on on ticket price. How does it affect the consumer? If all of a sudden, we decide in the sky we've got a chance to maybe win now. But all of a sudden, I get jacked, and I gotta pay five more bucks. Ten more bucks for a ticket. And I got a family of four. So that's forty bucks. Did they Jack parking? Did they jumped the concessions as well? That's all stuff. I think is where where the big effect is Phillies sold one hundred thousand tickets after signing Bryce, I did they did they did. It is interesting because you hear all this more the players, and you heard David Ross he thinks it's going to happen. Adam Wainwright said this is going to be a hard sell for sport. That is trying to sell itself right now to get back into a more relevant mindset in the average sports fan in this country. When you see these monster deals and the ratings are down and the average fan is older. Really, you're walking out over those kind of contracts. I think that's going to be a very hard that and Mike, you know, this. That's what people see they see the headline. They see thirteen year three thirty. They don't think of the foot soldier where the players make collectively all think of that. But as we know the people looking at the situation are gonna look at the big headline and not so much go down and really start to break down what the players are actually fighting for. And that's what it always comes a. We heard Eric Winston who brought this up when it came to the NFL's negoti. Where he said he's not concerned about the future of the game. That quote got misappropriated was more to say, listen, we're worried about the short-term you the NFL owners have to worry about the life of the NFL because that's your money. Your money is long the players money. And as you mentioned the median really of the players money is on the shorter term side. Even in baseball words, guaranteed more often than not and all these great things about your still on the shorter path career side. So you can afford to strike in order for you. Right. Because you have that sort of desperation in that in some sense. And that's probably not the right word to convey in that situation. But the owners they're trying to make this a more long-term investment. So you point to them and say, hey, listen to ball's in your court, you want to keep this thing afloat you're gonna shoot yourself in the foot trying to undercut us the amount of money. You want to throw our weight xactly, right? Be careful what you guys wish for you just might get it, and it took a long time. And a lot of stuff that baseball doesn't want to talk about anymore to get that back. And now we may be headed down that path again, by the way to your point about what happens if the nationals wins. Win the division right now. Updated win totals via west gate, Las Vegas. Nationals and Phillies both projected to win eighty nine game. Boy that would be interesting, especially in the short term. Golick and wingo, reminding you that if you missed our interview with Todd mcshay where he took a shot at my goal junior. Go check out the entire interview on demand and the golden WinCo podcast brought to you by capital. One capital. One is reimagining banking offering accounts with no fees or minimums that can be opened in as little as five minutes. Capital one. What's in your wallet coming up? We're going to try again to go back in time and have an office Christmas party in March. But I this oh, we're.

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