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Is Newsday with. I was too quickly. But you're listening to Newsday on the BBC with Clare Carney. The main headline this half hour in Thailand. The king's eldest sister is to run against a former coup leader for the post of prime minister in next month's elections. Let's get sports news now without Ross. Thank you. And we start in the Premier League where Cardiff City have sent condolences to the family of their striker Emiliano Sala after it was confirmed. It was his body that was recovered from the wreckage of an aircraft in the English channel he completed his transfer just two days before the plane. He was on disappeared while on its way to Cardiff from France, West Ham handed evidence of alleged islamophobic abuse against the polls Mosala police Cup says they won't tolerate that kind of behavior. Liverpool play ball Muth on Saturday and will return to the top of the Premier League if they avoid defeat major league baseball first black manager Frank Robinson has died at his home at the age of eighty three as a player the hall of Famer remains the only man in history to win the most valuable. Player award in both US leagues. And the big expected deal in the NBA did not happen before the trade deadline. Anthony Davis is staying at the New Orleans pelicans. He been heavily linked with a move to join LeBron James at the LA Lakers. Alison, thank you. Now. All graphic images of self harm will be removed from Instagram. The head of the social media platform has told the BBC. The move comes after the father of fourteen year old British teenager. Molly Russell who took her life in two thousand seventeen said Instagram had helped kill his daughter. Money's family found. She had been viewing graphic images of self harm on the site prior to her death Philip is on the business desk. Philip chief executive Adam Assiri said Instagram was trying to balance the need to act now. Yes. He says he wants to balance the now versus the need to act responsibly. Here he is in his own words. We have to accept the responsibility that we have the people say we have to move more quickly to make more progress than all of those issues. And I think we also have to be transparent about what we do in. How we do in. How overdoing at each of those things I've been very clear that we are not yet where we need to be on the issues of self harm or suicide Molly vassals father. Ian, Russell is actually welcomed Instagram's commitment he said that he hoped that they going to act swiftly to implement these plans that they've got a little earlier on to Oliver corner who is the editor in chief of industry analysis for marks for business group and asked him whether he was surprised by Instagram's move, I don't think it should be a surprise to anyone that a company of this size. This cub accompanied this influence along with all the other social media. Bam a beginning to take responsibility for the huge volume of information. Shen images and data that they have this row. The curious thing though, because there are so many negative and bad things out. The did they focus on for example, anorexia that they focus on people who vaccinate or don't vaccinate their children. They focus all these controversial areas there, do they focus some hate crimes. And they've decided to pick suicide if you like this week is the thing to focus on is that too much out there. I expect the companies to police everything I think it's a very good question. Isn't it? There's some very obvious. Red lights say, for example, last year tumbler, the the blogging streaming service put restrictions on pornographic content. You might argue that was a fairly quick win over. Yes one. Then as you rightly point out there reductions of alarm on their from from anorexia, for example, the body beautiful where where do you draw the line, and it's very difficult. And it's interesting that manhandled the health secretary in the UK here has come out reasonable, if the companies aren't prepared to do it themselves. We may need to legislate to start the bull moving in the right direction there. But you're quite right. It is huge talk it for that bulldozed hitting the right points. Without of course, restricting the great benefit of social media has been this sort of global movement a greater global interaction. We've heard an awful of positives. The last ten fifteen years, it shouldn't really be a surprise to us should it that there are now some negatives. And these negatives need exploring Oliver. Peres featuring chief of Oxford business group headed thank you. On the diplomatic arguments between Italy and France is deepening Francis recalled its ambassador to Italy warning the Italian government to stay out of its politics. The recall comes after talion deputy, prime minister Luigi denial met, French Gijon or yellow vest protesters near Paris on Tuesday relations between the two countries both founding members of the EU have been tense since Italy's populist five-star movement and right wing league party formed a coalition government in June two thousand eighteen the governments have clashed over a range of issues including immigration, and it seems tensions and are showing no signs of coming down. Let's get more on this live from Paris by from journalists. Christopher Brennan who can tell us Milwaukee can Christopher good morning. And it's we have to really talk about the back story because you would think that just a politician coming over the border to meet protesters in France wouldn't be that controversial. But there's been an awful lot going on in in the buildup to this hasn't there? Yes. Exactly. The immediate antecedent right before this was demise. Visit to John Koh testers and France. But this this few kind of stretches back all the way until last summer. When the Italian government formed between the far right party and the populist five stop party. What's been the flashpoints then between the two countries who said what? So both the the Italian government has really focused on Macron as it's kind of enemy within Europe them having this kind of populist fervor point to Macron as someone who represents the establishment of Europe, especially because Macron is so pro European Union from Macron site Macron has repeatedly kind of denounced populism as he said, it was a leprosy that was spreading across Europe, and pointing to Salvino Matteo Salvini, the interior minister as well as Louis Luigi Demayo as examples of this. So the two countries and governing parliament's now wells apart as far as political ideology is concerned that's borne out in attitudes towards immigration as well. This is something they fallen out over quite publicly, isn't it? Yes. So right before Louis Demayo, actually visited the he had made comments about France and its policy of of. Immigration and Swiss specifically about Francis colonization of Africa. It is interesting to see that as talion government has responded to Francis decision to withdraw its ambassador both matere Salvini Meyer who actually from two separate parties. And do you have conflicts with each other have both referenced immigration because this is something that does unite the two parts of the Italian coalition because Italy's angry at FRANZ sending immigrants back to Italy. And Italy for its part says well, France hasn't got elected stand on because it saying we need to look at immigration, and yet isn't taking in enough emigrants. That is exactly right. And so the Italian government has repeatedly focused on Macron and France as an example of the European policy of immigration, not working the immigration is also something that has been focused of some of the John protesters Jacques adding kind of a wide variety of aims, including. Domestic issues about France and taxes, but some parts of digital John which are more right wing. Definitely do focus on immigration as well. Thank you for the update, of course with the European election on the horizon. This is a very hot political issue in both countries right now Christopher Brennan there. Joining us live.

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