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Shore here's Ver- lander just intern he made headlines with baseball thing in M._l._b.. Doctoring it they own Rawlings Blah Blah Blah Blah Blah in terms of last night though he says all star game it never gets old. It's a lot of fun so once I got out there and start warming up got into a little bit of my routine is still like it was like two or three strikes total so I was just glad I was found strikes. It strikes me actually through a couple pitches around ninety seven miles an hour but he could still ramp it up. You know the interesting thing about this whole ball debate. Did you see all the bats last night there anything but Your Your Dad's Louisville slugger much lighter there'll be they're all they all have like color or coating to them and nobody's breaking bats anymore. I think I'm thinking that the ball's yes probably are as much a culprit of as anything else. Maybe maybe maybe it is as John's multiple saying last night the launch angles guys are always swinging for the fences the speed of the pitches I don't know but the bats also have to be in the discussion. I think is a lot of adult like coated yeah. There's a lot of factors go into it but when the commissioner basically comes out and says that the ball's traveling differently and there might be something to that everybody's going to gravitate to it and he did rob Manfred entered those questions it said he's got scientists looking at the balls and he said they've done nothing to alter her the baseball they did and they had meetings about it. It would be out. He also said the owners. Don't one all this offense. I'm just telling you what he said. The more home runs. You hit the more money you get paid right. I drew yes but there's more money you can make as a sport sport too if you think that it generates more interest now I don't believe that it does but others do that. More home runs more fans people watching in my opinion. It's become a great highlight sport. If that makes any sense yeah thank you you really interested in the condensed game and the highlights but for people to sit there and watch home run or strike out his boring while they do have a homerun Derby yes and that caught the fancy very this year and everybody <hes> lauded how good it was and how much effort the players put into the interesting thing will be willing to say whether or not Guerrero Junior and Peter Lonzo slowdown here in the second half because all the energy that they they put out there and hit all those home runs hope not Alonzo to two. She run single last night. You had Jacob degrom a one two. Three seven pitch third here was degrom. This has been a lot of fun <hes> last night watching <hes> compete in the home run Derby and went in the whole thing <hes> it's been a lot of fun and Pete is Alonzo Amazing Forty eight hours for him <hes> man I I. I was walking on clouds today yesterday and today I'm just I'm just so so dang happy about that kid. He gets it man you know he so he gave a portion of his winnings to the wounded warriors ears and tunnels towers foundations and that's a kid who gets it and he doubled his salary or triple this hour I guess five hundred to a million right okay yes so he doubled his salary and he gave a portion of that away to different charities hardy's locally here and I think that's pretty cool. No of course I mean you think about the mets having a guy like this that you know we can talk about glowingly a position player. WHO's a homegrown guy? I mean it doesn't happen a lot. Yeah you had right and raise many years years ago. Those careers worked out in different ways. Obviously David Wright one of the great mets but I mean it doesn't happen a lot so the fact that we might be on the precipice of having one of these guys for a really long time was his likable as Pita Lonzo. I mean that's just that's a silver lining in a season. That's gone to hell job. I Sandy Alderson. y'All yes sure Masahiro Tanaka through the second inning he was the pitcher of record got the winner. All this Chapman strikes out the side of the ninth earned the Save Cleveland Shane Beaver wins the M._v._p.. <hes> we mentioned the rob Manfred Stove there's some N._B._A.. News of Interest Adam Silver met the media. I think it was in Las Vegas but I'm not sure what Summer League either way he did talk to the media not a fan of players wanting out of their current situation and you know without getting into any specific circumstances. Trade demands are disheartening there disheartening to the team they're disheartening to the community and don't serve the player well stars Roger Goodell just about the same wasn't cadel. Oh same way that he spoke the same inflection sound just he's allowed his players to take over his league and that's exactly what's happened. He says if you sign somewhere then play there I mean you have a contract and it needs to be meaningful on both aside and then the last one he says maybe it is time to revise the free agency role. I think it's pointless at the end day to have rules that we can't enforce. I think it hurts the perception of integrity around the league. If people say well you have that rule so and it's obvious the teams aren't fully complying. So why do you have it sounds like Congress a little bit. Here's WHO's interesting one from Sean marks now. This goes back to the free agency thing. We've talked about how it's six. o'clock on. The day of the announcement was putting everything out at like at four o'clock right yeah but every at six o'clock it were like rapid fire. This guy's going here he son here. WHO's son in here and you talk about how these things are negotiated or not? Hear was Sean Marks. How did you find out that Katie was coming to Brooklyn the Instagram Post that he put out? That's the we were all sitting in the office and we'll got that in real time with you guys we. We weren't even sure if we were getting a meeting that night or <hes> it was gonna be telephone conversation with them and this goes to what you say. They basically basically dictate where they go. What you're GONNA pay but will choose you? It's amazing and you know good for the players. I mean you know they they've created this kind of environment with their power and with their leverage and they're the stars and David Stern way back when made Michael Jordan Magic Johnson Larry Bird had whole group they were the stars they were the ones that they were selling to the public and it's it's just continued to grow all the way to the point now or all a lot of these players are making you know four million dollars you know so it's good for everybody though it really is I mean there's certain franchises that gets screwed for sure I mean you look at the Pelicans but they were able to rebuild relatively quickly with some luck in the lottery but what's going on the N._B._A.. Right now I think is good for the one area where you don't have to worry about equal pay because everybody's getting paid sure getting paid a lot one of the thing <hes> a couple of things Marcus Morris might back out of his two year deal with the Spurs to sign with the Knicks. How about about that sports wants to come to the Knicks? It seems like it yeah and the Golden State Warriors are going Wave Shaun Livingston and I know you guys were out now. We talked about it Monday. Did did you see on Williamson. Just humiliate Kevin Knox just rip the ball away from and dumped in his face and then I think he formed when he I think he cropped us that a man just add some injury was wrong many banged his name now. He's done for the summer so yes. I'm sure it's going to hurt you by watching our guy so I watch a lot of this sliced troubled by. Maybe a little soft them. Just Oh my God you know Summer League game a half that was cut short with a class I wanted to see it up close and personal because teams that he is the League and Scouts of said he's not as good as we thought to have you do you like Bresnik is so far bay for Michigan. Yeah bad confident kid men's quarters at Wimbledon today <hes> of of note you've got Sam Corey and Raphael the Dow playing and yes. You have the parade in New York City for the U._S.. Women's soccer team. It's the morning show with boomer Esiason and Greg Gianotti boomer and Geo.

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