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Wfan fm new york i like john sterling with a little big even never leagues mary's pretty well sounds about as good as it can get spitting at fi he got the voice for it to new york ledger to forty one we'll get to the nba and just a sec but again if you're not following on instagram live you probably should at cnbc wfan because barks is about to do a segment called bart on life which he has done before this one has some props to it and it's troubling this a special edition now it is time for a special edition of bart on life scotch on finance falling on the budget baby scars on love cheaper to keep was park star on top kosher kanye west tim mcgraw i like you only see something you've never heard before mike wish you hadn't get your own welcome to a very special edition of bardo life and yeah you probably never heard some of this stuff but today seguin yesterday we had a discussion where i'm talking about you know my wife sold use my wife's open summer e we all thought it was rush but they do have so yes because the boston product so what the what the topic of discussion is today got me thinking what men products are secretly disguise in women package so this is for every man's especially because the summertime i will be tight they're going to be out sons outguns i'll trying to make that love connection if you're not married and if you are married making sure that the flame is still hot is something that you gotta have the first thing that happens in the summertime is you want to go up and you want to talk to a woman we all know about the breath making sure that breath tests everything is right but you can't be spitting at dead flaky skin off your lips so one of the first products that has man's product disguised in women's packaging e o s the nice lip balm ball which want to make sure that you have that you want to make sure you've got some good flavors because you might get one of some of that sweet sugar you wanna make sure that she taste that flavor that good tropical flavor chapstick so get the chance the second one this starts off this is also for children as well not so much for women because my main would he would who owned baby powder aka the jets yield ceo wherever he is right now in the world you know working for trump you know is baby powder but they had a little trouble talk was giving women ovarian cancer so you'll you can't use but guess what we don't have those parts and you want to make sure it's hot outside is going to be ninety ninety seven don't want to have that but butter or that that ungodly like mister or humidity down below so i hate myself for three times and hit it about three times during the during the calcio advocate for that to go in shoes the absolute if you're gonna wear slip ons or whatever and if you don't have those invisible socks put the baby powder in the shoes because you might think you're going to score but dan lewis when you take it off and she smelled at foggy all right so now we're back to the culprit to to the wash that started the whole thing eve body what gynecologists approved though so i understand it's gonna be smooth on your skin it's a five in one wash and if you're a man of course you don't have those concerns but you can use the other four properties that are involved in this and i also have a secondary flavor for you mean yeah this is called the light blossom yes if i may get past because we can't let this go and i can't believe like this is my career now but i hate to point this out but you hr said it was cool you look at the directions here what did the direction say coming through here but it says for external use only wet area poor small amount onto hand or wash cloth and apply wait for it to your intimate area area is your face or intimate area doc was meant for my intimate area and nobody needs to be thinking about my intimate.

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