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Now famous majestic hotel an impressive security force it was here that for almost five years there were negotiations at seeing frustrating and never got anywhere that's ABC's Lucio fee reporting on the Paris peace talks despite considerable skepticism Nixon's National Security Advisor Henry Kissinger insisted those talks were nearing an end maybe they these is that two months later Nixon announced the US had obtained as he put it peace with honor in Vietnam at twelve thirty Paris time today January twenty three nineteen seventy three he went on ending the war and restoring peace in Vietnam was initialed by doctor Henry Kissinger of that Paris peace accord gave sixty days for US troops to withdraw it called for the release of nearly six hundred American prisoners of war and a lot more than a hundred thousand north Vietnamese troops to remain in the south the late general Maxwell Taylor oversaw the first big deployment of American troops to Vietnam it was later the US ambassador there hours after that peace accord was signed Taylor told NPR America had triumphed we wanted we wanted live in accomplishing the things we set out to do independent Vietnam free from aggression that's what this that agreement is all about but there were no guarantees the U. S. would defend South Vietnam two years later that nation's leader flat and north Vietnamese forces surrounded its capital Saigon by then Nixon had resigned Gerald Ford had replaced him for told students at Tulane University the time had come to leave Vietnam behind today America can regain a sense of pride that existed before Vietnam but it cannot be achieved by re fighting a war that is finished as far as America is concerned a week later Saigon fell the people here were herded into groups all they could take was hand luggage.

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