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Baker mayfield mclovin member we always used to do those which quarterback would you start your franchise with andrew lock was always census winter oh well if he's healthy then yeah i'm fine with that kobe bean bryant will join us on the program tomorrow results of the poll question they're mclovin most overrated trait for draft quarterbacks speed it comes away number one height number two yeah i want quickness i being allusive but peter schrager said heights important he fell into the high trap if if you don't have russell wilson or drew brees is baker mayfield drafted as high as he's going to be drafted because he's going to be the shortest quarterback ever drafted that high in nfl history looks like would he be a first round pick if not for the success of russell wilson drew brees who weren't first runner up six i'm curious about that tommy and florida joins us tommy what's on your mind great show i just i listen to your show listen to all these different shows and the pundits you guys are talking about sam darnold like he's a can't miss guy and i did a little research this guy's got thirteen loss bumble which means he's fumbled more than thirteen times 'cause he didn't lose every fumble he's got twenty two interception and listen to season in the defensively weak pac twelve the usc quarterbacks you got carson palmer matt barkley mad cow so matt line and sanchez or with the exception of carson palmer are basically busts and then saying myself i wish i was that mediocre at my job and people thought i was that can't miss and great.

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