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By. He. Happy. Way from the deadline, Tracy. I love they rolled all that stuff. I can't believe you weren't just a little fire among friends. What's wrong with you is trade deadline day notice? How far away he's sitting from now? Well, that's right next. I'm Rachel Nichols. Huang cider NBA insider, Brian Windhorst future hall of Famer call Pierce hall of Famer facing McGrady, we've got Scottie Pippen coming up. Tom dibitetto coming up Ramona Shelburne stopping by shortly we will also have agent Morton now ski act low Bobby marks joining us from Bristol from real time reaction to all of the trades. And as you might have seen at the top of the show. The breaking news trade crank is back people. It may it may not have electrocuted. Some of our guests last year who's to say, but you know, what? Despite any safety concerns, the people demanded it, and you know, what Jalen rose says you gotta give the people what they want. So if there's a trade that comes up just to give you a warning. I am going to do. Do this. War. Awesome. Everything. Awesome about that. I'm feeling we're going to be using it soon because we're about to check in with watch. We will also talk later in the show about K D publicly criticizing the media for questions about upcoming free agency. I though it is time for the trade deadline.

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