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Going there's there's no throw to cut off he has won job go to first base because their fifth that over there what julia china carter carter carded carter who didn't go right to the bag he had to reach for the bag because even go to the bag no no i don't think that's what i that is what i saw i saw him guard of the bag you got smoke coups six four running down the line he's got his back to him he was there he had his foot other side of this sport on the bag that's what i saw and i thought he was hearing the footsteps to make sure i didn't what whatever i know they gave manarah but i thought it looked like his foot was on the bag and zhou said it was one of those plays because and this is what they do back in new york if they column safe it has to be claire he said because they called him say it was day say they had called him out there was gonna stay out they are they get some runs on the board finally with the home run with those waters in scoring position offered hours in scoring position is a big difference here yeah it it is in that that has happened in and joe said we felt like were in the game will judge hits the home run our we had our chances and there were a few miscues they're both that's what he was talking about that way i'm he said the guys are playing hard we got when we get behind it doesn't mean anything somebody asked him swinging you know that this is gonna keep coming up on klaiver taurus played his fifth game at third base tonight and he is hitting is also make an error is down there yeah but he said mm dan somebody said vet greg bird is had a double and is is coming back here what about chris ngo said you know it's been a battle for him but don't forget it was a battle for greg bird to he's trying and we'll see any of keep trying i don't know what they expected joe to say.

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