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Hi, Mary. Hi, Vince. How are you guys having a legend? A good morning to you? You have is. What is your Election Day? Morning routine. Do you have one too? Get ready. Is there some kind of vitamin you've been? You've been going with guys like that in order exercises you do the day off. You know, I'm running out to get coffee for the team right now to get ourselves highly caffeinated in about 20 minutes or so to get started for our day of coverage, But, you know, I have to say everything has changed that guys. I've completely changed my mind. Really Gaga video? Yes, I have got to go. Bye. Sorry. Wow. That's folk to you, huh? You are the one Well, the camera the beer, the truck I buy. It sees us the people and so am I. And so I've got to go with my heart. Let's talk about Pennsylvania. I mean, what is it like to live in a state where it's It's one of the ones that that the whole country is focused on him. They're basically what 56 states that are going to determine the selection to the rest of us. Thank you for coming out. We appreciate you playing, but you don't matter, but you're in a state that matters. Well, you know, it's funny. There's almost so much talk about how important we are. I have now kind of come down on. I hope we're not important at all. And in fact, I almost There's a couple of things that I think might happen. Maybe Donald Trump wins this thing tonight without Even knowing what happens in Pennsylvania for several days, which would be ideal to mate or this is just such a blowout runaway that it's really not a question. Everybody thinks it is I I'm really holding out. The possibility of both of those things were true only because conventional wisdom is so often wrong. And everyone seems to think that Pennsylvania is going to become the Florida 2000. I'm not so sure that's true. We'll see All the Democrats are working overtime to steal it. I'll tell you, Josh appear. Our attorney general has already pledged on Twitter that he knows Donald Trump's not gonna win Pennsylvania, which is sort of an amazing thing for the chief law enforcement officer. And our governor's very confident our lieutenant governor's out warning people, But he's concerned about the size of the Donald Trump rallies. But top Democrats in Pennsylvania strutting feeling very confident, even though Biden Harris, I think planning another rally this morning in Pennsylvania and Michigan, So I'm not sure what that tells you, Chris. Are you getting any deja vu from 2016? Because I remember this. I mean, this is precisely what was playing out last cycle when Hillary Clinton brought her all of her surrogates to Pennsylvania in the waning hours of the election. I remember Katy Perry was there you had, like. Like tons of people were just brought out. It's like it feels kind of like the same thing right now that they're putting all their eggs and it does feel identical. And if they may they feel like they have the identical problem. Again. This is I've got to confirm this stat. I heard this last night. The black vote in Pennsylvania is still 75% out that is registered black voters in Pennsylvania. 75% of them still have not voted so. That is a really issue and watch that to be the story line tonight and into the morning. The black vote is at this hour, not doing the early mail in ballot thing. And if Black men turn out for Donald Trump. Is they anticipate they might it could be devastating to the vital campaign. I'm not saying it's happening. I'm just saying, watch that story line because that's what do you think they haven't voted early? A za group. I mean that that's a pretty pretty large number that hasn't voted early. Why do you think that is I think a total lack of enthusiasm provide. I mean, if if Biden over there, guy I think I think the black vote would have turned out massively as say. For instance, they did for his the top of his ticket in 2008 to 12, you know Barack Obama but Hillary couldn't turn out the black vote. She was not exciting. She didn't lose the black vote all in Philadelphia, and a lot of people believe she lost Pennsylvania because of it. Biden is screaming and yelling, You know, in his blue hens jacket Sunday in Philadelphia, and that tells me they have the same problem. Yes, just very quickly and have to just ask you one thing. Rahim Kasan. I'm tweeted out a picture ofthe Lady Gaga and Joe Biden University of Pittsburgh, and there were five students there. Well, I guess it doesn't work on everybody. What? What can I say? I'm a little monster. No, you know, it's uh, I It's so pathetic, isn't it? You guys I know they're trying to project social distance and all of these things, but the The horn honking. Even my wife, who's not a hyper partisan said to me, You know these rallies of Trump's air so impressive and I never see crowds, she said. You never see anything but Biden. When they take shots of his rally, I said, because there's nothing to show you and it's just it's just I don't I don't know if the optics matter but Donald, you know, is a master of optics. He's winning optics all day long. Although I do have to admit I do envy Lady gaga because I couldn't get five people to show up to my musical performance, You know, I mean, that is a pretty good turnout. Advance. I had drinks with you and Kazu and I think it was. You know, you did. Well, Chris, next time Gettinto Irish step dance for you. That's another thing that were often treated, too in the studio Live here, a captive audience, so there's no escaping the Irish step dancing. Thank God No, Chris. Thank you so much. Christine Gall from Philadelphia hosted the crystal podcast. Thank you so much and good luck today. Thanks, guys. 5, 44 and W E mail..

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