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Notre Dame Cathedral, Officer, Commissioner John Miller discussed on Ron St. Pierre


Cathedral is confronted by cathedral security, officer. Who asked him where he's going forms of me tent proceed into the cathedral carrying these things you accepted. He police Commissioner John Miller says the man left the church, but police officers caught him he told them he was only using the cathedral as a shortcuts to his car, which he said was out of gas. They found it. It wasn't police say the band is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation, Jack Callaghan. Fox new North Korea said Thursday that it had test-fired a new type at one of called a technical guided weapon day earlier, it's first such test in nearly half a year, the didn't appear to be a band mid or long range ballistic missile, but it's not exactly clear. What type of weapon was the test comes after an apparent deadlock in nuclear disarmament talks with the United States after the second summit between President Trump and North Korean leader, Kim Jong UN ended in failure earlier this year White House and Pentagon say that they were both aware of the report, but had no comment or information to. Provided this particular time thirty seven year old man who was carrying two cans of gasoline lighter fluid and butane lighters arrested last night after walking into sink Patrick's cathedral in Manhattan, the arrest came just two days after fire caused the extensive damage to Paris's Notre Dame cathedral. Police say a cathedral security officer stopped the man notifying officers from the counter terrorism bureau who were standing outside who questioned and arrested the identified man. Now, he told the officers he was cutting through the cathedral to get another street. Go to another street in that his car was outta gas. But police found his car had gas in. It spokesperson said the suspect is known to police in their trying to determine his mental state that young woman reported Lee obsessed with the Columbine high school shootings is dead as the word from Jefferson County sheriff Jeff Schroeder who says the body of the eighteen year old, Sal as was found clear county creek near echo lake lodge in Colorado yesterday, the FBI.

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Notre Dame Cathedral, Officer, Commissioner John Miller discussed on Ron St. Pierre

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