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Yeah it's creepy. You don't know what he's going to do like you've already known that he's a really bad guy and then all of a sudden they start singing. You've got the whole world in his hands and he's holding this child. It's disturbing that's in your like. Is he going to murder this child because you assume he would do that because of how bad they've already like propped them up to be and then this other bad? Guy Nicholas Cage or Cameron Poe. You think he's the bad guy but he ends up saving the plane saving all these people. He's a good guy because he was in the army before this. It's like I'm like King. You know I mean Nicholas Cage can be a good joe exotic but because of this role. That's why exotic. I think you're right. I don't know I loved it. I watched it all the time. I think it's really great. It's a fun movie. It actually is a pretty good movie. They're not going to disagree with you. Who's this other guy? I'm Michael Karp. Dunkin was more. Yeah he's in it too but there's the other guy that was the cop and I can't remember who it was. Let me see. Everybody will know him when I find out who it is. Shoot the Jerry Bruckheimer movie by the way. But I don't know this is when Nicholas Cage was like yes. John Malkovich John Cusak in elementary thing. Ramos. Not Michael Clark down. It was being rame. Sorry Right Danny Trae. Oh yeah forgot Dave Chapelle PELS in it yet. Tons of people are in this movie and it is so good at gross over two hundred twenty four million dollars on a production budget of seventy five million tells you it's not a bad movie. Definitely I loved it. It's on my top ten. It will always be in my top ten for ninety movies because it is Sochi. Perfect number was up for you. Sorry Seven summit so my number six series. Yes Oh this is one where I might get a an okay. I want to throw some out there real quick because when I was talking about Desperado jumped in my mind like Quentin Tarantino one of my favorite filmmakers of all time and then I thought about on like well I base my list off of. Imdb just how. We did it for the eight movies based the nineties movies. Stop the top one hundred. I M D movement. Imdb movies so he didn't base it off of like what you like. No no I looked at the top one hundred and I picked my top ten out of that on my own. Oh Yeah but you know I looked at it and I don't. I didn't put any Quentin Tarantino movies on my top ten because I don't really consider them action movies right and there is a specific like I don't know there's like a specific thing that we considered action movies. There's a I don't know why. But like Quentin Tarantino movies to me. Don't feel like action movies so I didn't on my list like pulp. Fiction is one of my favorite movies of all time. Jackie Brown of my favorite movies action. Yeah so I didn't throw them on but I thought that was odd when I started thinking about it because I threw Robert Rodriguez movie an which is very similar to Quentin Tarantino movie but anyway two point. Yeah I just want to throw that out there. Do we already did Gwen Tarantino List. At one time in this podcast but we. It wasn't an official. We can do it official one anyway. My number six is a movie that a lot of people might not even remember honestly came out in one thousand nine hundred nine. It had George Clooney Mark Wahlberg and Ice Cube in it three kings yup one of my favorite movies of all time. And I'm not even kidding about that really. It's a Spike Jones movie and it isn't during the Iraq war and they're like basically on a heist to steal. Yeah but it was the first one. Oh Desert Storm. Now they are on a heist to steal gold from one of Saddam Hussein's bunkers. Like for most of my young life up until probably. I was in college. This was one of my favorite movies of all time. And probably even still is still is one of my favorite movies of all time. Yes it's not really. I don't know if it's really an action movie. Although I think it is yes. It is absolutely unbelievable movie that I think a lot of people probably haven't seen I have. Yeah so I think you should go out of your way to check out everything George and Mark Wahlberg and ice cube. All three of them work very well together in this movie they are. It's kind of. I think it was like an independent movie but gross two hundred seven million dollars on a forty dollar budget. Spike Jones. Obviously is a huge. Yeah he did like a lot of movies. What's one this jumping in my head to spike Jones's did spike downs? I know he did where the wild things are but I think he did. Yeah being John Malkovich. He did adaptation which is one of my favorite movies of all time with Nicholas Cage. Have you ever seen adaptation? I have basically everything Nicholas Cage. He One Academy Award for that movie anyway. He he did her to with Joaquin Phoenix Anyway. So three kings great movie George. Clooney love it. That's number six mine. Number six is not anywhere close to yours but it's another nostalgia pick because that's what I do. I pick movies that I remember from the nineties that I watched all the time right. Yeah because there are things that I love these are movies that I love and this involves Kiana raves. Okay movie that would be Point break speed. Oh yeah okay I know I know I get it. No it's fine actually wrote it down here just not most people's top ten for action movies like it's not necessarily like actually made me all that made me think about is the fact that point break is not my role right What a great movie though so I get. It's not like something you would acclaim as the best acting in the world. No sure you wouldn't but nick is phenomenal because it's early in his career. He's doing a like as much as he possibly can. Most good is that Sandra Bullock Movie. Sandra bullock is fanning. The best. Yes Andy Bullock. Is The one driving the bus folks? Yeah and if you don't know they have to keep it above fifty miles an hour fifty five miles an hour or they'll all blow up. Spoilers that's nerve wracking yeah it no it is there's GonNa Reeves is like busted. Open hatches in the bottom of the bus hanging underneath. He's fighting that one guy. I think Jeff Daniels is the bad guy. I don't remember. I think he know Dennis. Hopper freaking Dennis Hopper is a bad guy you mean Dennis Hopper from waterworld. All the time walled. Don't even get me started waterworld because waterworld is one of my favorite. That's was that an movie. Yeah definitely List now I should have put it on the Postman's list either so we're GONNA have to Redo this anyway. Dennis Hopper is like the ultimate bad guy every time you see him even if he's acting as a good guy you assume he's the bad guy he looks like a bad guy. He is a bad guy in this movie. And Cana ribs defeats him. Because he's the best and Sandy Bullock Anne. Her name is in the movie Knows how to drive a frequent bus man. That's right I love speed. Watch speed right now. All right I'M GONNA go with my number five. Which is another one top top. Five here folks. Here's a film that a lot of people might not even remember or think about but it is a a nine nine hundred. Ninety eight action thriller directed by the younger brother of Sir. Ridley Scott Mr Tony Scott famous director produced by Jerry Bruckheimer. Because it's the ninety. Yeah Starring a little a fledgling star called Will Smith. Oh and also a veteran actor called Gene Hackman. Is this enemy of the state. You're correct sir. It is and the State Jon Voight Lisa Bone on Jon. Voight great great movie. I have loved this movie ever since I was a kid. I've it's been always in Mike. My top ten or twenty movies of all time yeah. I don't know why I gravitated towards this movie that everybody else in the world forgot but no. I didn't forget it. I absolutely loved this movie. I think it was first of all it was one of the first I will. Smith is fantastic as his phenomenal knack. Really Great in all movies and this I think was probably post Independence Day. Which was probably his but it was. You know this is gene. Hackman is amazing. This movie as well freaking good. I just absolutely loved this movie. I see on TV now. And I stop and watch the entire thing. Yeah if I see like on. Tbs Yeah that's where you're going to see sa enemy the estate absolutely love it. That's my number five. My number five is a again like all of my picks are things that I have enjoyed in my childhood and remember watching from the nineties like the nineties for something that I grew up in right so like. That's those of the movies that I remember are from the ninety so they may be different than like critically acclaimed movies. This movie I picked as number five because it was like the Modern Day James Bond to me and I watched de and the mission impossible. Well that's not James by it is it's like the modern. Dame's like the modern James Bond movies all through the nineties. I understand a little Guinea. What's his name Pierce Brosnan? Yeah Pierce Brosnan. I get it a movie called Goldeneye. I understand we'll get to that. The world is not enough. I'm saying it's a modern day. United States version of James Bond. Like it was a newer take on a character similar to that plus. I mean age and dreamy a thriller that had to do with crime and You know a secret agent type person it was a new take was the different than James Bond but my mom announce James Let's change. What does the donor. No No. No I think you're on that do not let's change. What's the song for mission impossible? You were on it like it's bomber mamone. Now that's James Bond to quit. Do the same song win doing the shoot. I know either Ethan Hunt hanging from virus hanging from wires from PAG so he doesn't trip a.

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