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Equipment eighty dollars they have just sixteen to take care of this future designer the axis the morning for this for six months well I'm not gonna give you a warning for some even drop of six months eighty dollars for something the bold and I can fix that okay so now she has one son the ticket right so you do go through what I process that to where I've been a little pissed off at the you don't want to send a ticket I don't want to sign it is the police officer's discretion what happens here at point though I am completely with the police officer yes hunter for some police yeah you just being belligerent right like it's you yeah I had a friend once who got pulled over for speeding and he said they they said why re speeding any said well I guess I just tend to speed on this road I think that's the worst excuse for her you're telling you've committed this crime like a right and so here's like it's nice of her and and you give her some brownie points for being honest in saying right six months but once once the officer has that knowledge you have to give you the ticket right and so he's going to give you the ticket and you know it's it's fresh is what happened is when you get pulled over for instance for speeding and they said you were doing sixty miles an hour in a forty mile an hour zone and you just tell me what was going to be out that long I wasn't even for an hour I don't even know you talk about what that work for you no okay so then now the officer there is started to get a little ticked off right instead of instead of saying instead of ripping the ticket often given a tour thrown in the car and saying well you're still gonna get the ticket you still have to pay for it with you cited or not really that's what happens it doesn't negate the ticket in any way not signing it doesn't do anything still have to do it yeah so now the officer is a you know he's got a little he's got his back up against the wall little bit in his mind.

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