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Welcome to things to do in San Diego. I'm your host Suri Manelli and today I'm really excited about fallbrook and our guest is Jamie purring. Tin The owner of hide off magazine and hike it off clothing. She's an avid hiker and she told us about some of the most amazing places to hike the Santa Margarita River which is incredibly beautiful and incredibly diverse verse with a three hundred year old canopy so whereas fallbrook in relation to San Diego. It's the north most city in San Diego. cownie money on the fifteen before you hit temecula and it's on the backside of oceanside so it's not exactly coastal but it's not east county either and and what's really fascinating about fallbrook is it's got several wineries. It's really small friendly town. A lot of artists is there. So you're gonNA find a lot of those little tiny shops galleries teacups antics. Things like that There's a little bit of history there. There used to be a train. There's no longer train but they're used to train. The goes went through there in the eighteen hundreds and so there's a lot of history about that and there's also a gem and the mineral museum which is really fascinating. There's some other unique things but we'll wait to let Jamie tell us about that in the interview one more thing to know about the show. Is that neither my guest nor I get compensated in any way for any of the places that we talk about on the podcast. And that's so important to me because I want it to remain authentic as if you were talking to a friend. Who's in that town and they're telling you all the really cool places to go? The the way I do get compensated is if you go to things to do in San Diego Dot. US You can find a link for Patriot on. And I always appreciate it when people send me need those Patriot donations that helps inspire me to keep going with the show and I might on occasion also put some affiliate links in the show notes. But just know anytime I do that. Not only are they clearly labeled but I'm only putting in affiliate links that I think are appropriate and that would help you like if it was for booking hotels or concert tickets or or whatnot anyway. My purpose for the show is for you to have the best day ever in in San Diego and so here we go with Jamie talking about fallbrook. What's tall famous for farmers for Avocado cottage? So we're actually known as the avocado capital of the world. I don't know how true that is but I love to think that it is true So we have lots of farms to very rural community. Lots of Avocados. And we're getting a lot of grape growing as well for wine grapes so it's a pretty rural part of the county I and it's really beautiful. and the weather's just awesome involve break. There's a few festivals what what are the festivals that they're known for them while our biggest festival that were known for Awards Avocado Festival and that takes place every year. In April we have about one hundred twenty thousand people that come out for the day and it's it's just a lot of fun. There's a log avocado stuff so there's guacamole contest. There's dressing avocado contest. There's you can buy all kinds of avocado type hype things whether they're edible. Avocado Shakes Fried Avocados or things made out of avocado itself. So Avocado would bulls all that. So it's really just away from town to get together and invite hundred twenty thousand of our closest friends and celebrate avocado everything that we can use them for and and then there's another. I think you mentioned that there was also a second kind of festival there. Third with what other festivals are there similar to our local festivals. We have a what is called wine in a bite and that is where local businesses in the downtown area pair up with restaurants and wineries and it's a walking type festival. Will you walk from business to business where you'll get a little piece of food and it's paired with wine from a local winery. The chamnber handles that also just launched a new one that is populism bruce so seem similar concept instead of wine in food it's beer and in different various forms of potatoes. So let's talk a little little bit more to give our listeners an idea of whether or not they want to come to fallbrook to stay or just make it a day trip. So can you tell people about outlined the transportation safety and then we'll go into where they would stay since fall workers rule those not the a lot of public transportation and the downtown area is very walkable so you can walk in shop. All the shops down there and get to quite a few of the restaurants but as far as accommodations. I always recommend when I have friends visiting. If they're not staying with me to look at AIRBNB so there's a ton of really cute little airbnb that are available. While some are on avocado farms. Some are on ranches. So you're really looking for a place to get away. That's rule and kind of quiet and slow definitely definitely check out Work if they wanted to go downtown. How far would it take Helen's it take you to get to downtown from Fallbrook Dunton Gun Ted Kennedy. It's about well with a traffic so without traffic. It's about forty five minutes with traffic Republican. We got an hour and a half. Yeah it's way up there. I mean it's Kinda surprising that it still San Diego County yet and we don't have traffic in Faubourg so you can escape the traffic and come forward. There's traffic it might be because there's like a flock of wild peacocks. Crossing the road or something. They have to wait for but That's about it. And then what else is fall were close to. I know it's close to Basel. which is another rural town? Yeah so farmers really close the bonds will it's close to the backside of oceanside and it's also close to Temecula so fabric is a good place to come and stay at your planning on Wayne Teaching as well as you can kind of experience both both the rural aspect of fallbrook and then wine tasting getting into Macula. Let's start with the museums. There's the gem and Mineral Society that event to with the kids. Yeah the Gem Mineral Society is really fun. If you're into you know crystals or any kind of rocks it's really great for kids So you can go in there and learn a lot about that sort of thing but they also have a glow on the dark room so there's minerals that glow in the dark so it's really fun to kind of go check that out and see them under black light in an experience that definitely a good kids place my kids just they think they spent like an hour in their shopping at things. Yeah Great Place and the General Society also hosts their own little festivals. A couple times a year as well which you can get that information on our website and it's waving kinda go buy buy stuff from that and people come with all their different rocks walks in minerals and gems is your second museum there or is there something else that was interesting. Wasn't there something. We have the historical society the former Kostoric society is basically geared geared toward the history of Albert put fabric was a big train depot. Back in the day so so it was built that attribute depots bill eighteen eighty two Basically was a stop on the way from San Diego. That train shot continued tenure up the Santa Margarita River which is river valley that we have here in fallbrook and out into Temecula the tracks themselves have been washed out a couple of times and and repaired and so because of that because of the train coming through here is really a big reason of why Farkas even here it has to do with a lot the history. The train was finally closed in nineteen eighty one and the train depot itself was torn down. That's where our sheriff station is now but the Warehouse House next to the Sheriff's Station is art center. And that is one of the original buildings. Supposedly the historical society talks all about that. There's historical artifacts in Nair with train. Stop and tons of photos is just a really neat place to go. If you're a trained buff the historical society also has installed An old caboose right in on Main Street in downtown and so it's really cool with your kids will not I love it. I've taken my picture in front of a million sometimes but It's just a fun little quirky thing just like how Faubourg is you know funding quirky but eventually that is going to be the future railroad wrote Heritage Park. So that's part of it in the works so I want to point out the irony. So it's a real root tumble. You cannot get there by train not anymore. Ah Make sure that that I can totally see somebody. Misunderstanding us in like trying to figure out how to get the train. Yeah I know so. The train was shut down in one thousand nine hundred eighty in. What was the last train to come through fall break okay? Although there is a legend that you can still hear the train's Horn in town And have you heard it. I have not okay enough to downtown to Europe. There's a lot of locals that's where that that they can still hear it. That's interesting Hebrew coffee places because it seems like some of these rural towns have like a more of those mom and POPs so we have two that are privately owned. They're both equally adorable in equally. Have great copy Brick town is right on main street. And it's just great to go. There's Cubal charity consider up front. It's really cozy inside and it's actually connected to a wine bar now so it's in the morning and get your copy in the evening Lots lots of local wine and then we also have former coffee company which is just off main street and it's really cute little cottage and it just feels when you walk. It just feels like a cute little coffee place in there will really cozy okay. Let's talk about restaurants. There's not too many but I know that you've got if you favorites. She said yard so I have two of my favorites and their pull equally awesome. So I'm not going to see which one is my favorite but once you stop in west West and small town They're both family owned and the food is incredible. Small town of specially focuses a lot on local goal food. I know that's been popular for a long time. But they really live by so they have these mushroom tacos that are unseen and I went in a couple weeks. They didn't have them only because they couldn't get the mushrooms locally so they didn't just go buy them from somewhere else in the tacos It forced me to try something else which was great because everything. There's just amazingly good and the owners of the type that you walk in. And they give you cog in there. Thank you for coming back. So it's it's just an awesome locally to go eat beat my husband. I usually go there on Friday night. Date night they do serve local wines and local beers and they do some events as well so I know they're doing a really Nice Valentine's Day dinner that's a four five course. Wine paired dinner dot com stuff and then.

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