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People. Coach. Hi everyone. Welcome back. Okay. We're going to talk about v free fair free. Certificates. Shen is gathering a lot of speed, which is a wonderful thing, vetinarians vet techs groomers, even some dog, trainers guessing, certified on the fear freeze to fixations make vet visits and grooming fall, less stressful in particular for cats. Think about this. How many time harder for cats and dogs ago? The girl were from I will say from my experience from people, I talked to, and veterinary as I speak to cats have a very, very hard time being transported to them where they're always in carriers. Well, L pets will, yeah. Yeah. Yeah. How wouldn't count you go? The vet would you go put a dog under our a leash, though, haven't you? Puma that I've been seeing that's been what Puma that people have been shown on Facebook, that there's a like a undersized Puma that can't be released into the wild that someone has, and they treat it like a dog and it goes to obedience class. I saw that. Why would they get you remember? It's kind of unclear. But it's like they say it's thirty percent under-sized, and it can't be released to the wild, and they have a harness on it like a dog, and it goes to obedience class, but I'm looking at that thing going that Bouma would tear up every dog in that room. His thing. They can train them really animals into the wild. That's it. They can and they do. So. When people say they can't they do it has to be done with the right. The, you know, the right people who teach them how to fend for themselves. That's what they do. But yeah, if you if you didn't you couldn't do it if you've just been doing everything full, the Puma, as we say, what you don't call it a Puma Puma could appeal. Nobody. England. They had a military aircraft helicopter called the Puma not the Huma appeal was the telly now. So wrong knew he was going to say that this shows ridiculous this week. Right. So. Is the thing. And I hear all the time. Oh, gosh. You're gonna take my cats to the vet. Get them in the crate. My cats freaking out losing their minds and is just stressful for everybody involved. But there are some things that you can do to lessen the stress reverie one has involved from, from the person who's taking the cat to that, you'll veterinarian. No, the vet tech. And this is what the fear free certificates is all about dot de mossy. Becker think is on the put this together, which was great. And the no, you probably listening. Zane. Surely, that's not to handle pets when they come in and I, I will say this, we've all probably been in a situation where you go. I don't like how they handled my dog. Oh, I don't like how why did they do that? Mytalk didn't like that. The way they were handled. And so this is what he felt was a big gap in, in the handling of animals and came up with this. And for example, is one of the things. So a cat in particular. To, to lessen all this stress is you can train, your cat to go in the crate leading up days leading up to the actual appointment itself. The long lead up the mall of unity. You've got to get your cat. We'll comfortable in the crate, because, as you know, with any kind of training with its dogs cats. It's all about positive reinforcement dominance training is gone. It's gone. It's, it's all cane. He should not be doing it. I want to laugh and say what you haven't picked up a red anything new in what. Twenty five years, you still teaching in this dominance way. But it's all about positive reinforcement positive reinforcement doesn't mean people seem to think it's some Harry fairy you just let them do whatever they want and get away with it. And no think it's always just by giving a bunch of traits such lane. Not it's about a positive experience, because we all do well in the positive experience. Don't like so this is what's, what is based on? And so, for example, he is one of the things that you can do, and you would take you create believe in your living room door open, and put some tempting stuff inside toy catnip. There's a blanket in the some traits. And you just let your cat freely go in and out same with the dog can get lymph really go in and out. They get used to going in. A positive association with the crates, it self the longer, you can do that the best. The result is going to be you can then, for example, just, you know, once you can get your cap in the and you just close the door. You just leave it there for a few minutes. He let them out. You give them a little trait. Lots of praise again another positive association. And so you do this in steps, and eventually, you get to close the dole, maybe lift up the carrier walk around the room for a minute, puts it back down door open. Lots of praise then of as you go to work, you weights actually getting the crate in the car. So hearing in the car, not going anywhere in the until and then coming back in the house. Lots of law to work, you know what it's worth? Okay. Signing a lot of that to you. That's fine. Because I would do that. I would totally do that. Okay. Because here's the thing. I seen friends that go. I'm just so stressed out of the vet just con- even practice taking your cat to the vet. You'll have to practice and you'll pets the vet. That's what you do, and eventually, you'll get in the car drive five minutes, you'll come back, and then the ultimate is that you can get to the veterans little boy gets excited to get in the car. But somehow he knows when we're heading to the vet. They recognized by we thing. And so, so it's it's a little bit of time at some stops, but it's worth, it's worth it, but I do recommend and I am not paid by them is by sleepy pod. Sleepy pod have one of the only crush test approved carriers pet carriers in the United States. We've gone over that a million times they have the only approved. One of the only approved pet Hoeness's also and the crush test at the same rate, they crushed as for a baby carry baby seats that's miles an hour. So is important that you do have some say, but why recommending the sleepy pod? Carrier is. It's a round carrier with a dome on the top. It's mash on the top zip through the center of it, and the whole top unzips off. It's three and one is a carrier it's a seat. It's a bet. So the great thing is about that when it comes to fear free training as you take the dome of completely. You've got your bed does the bed in your house. It's something that familiar with their associated with being at home being comfortable. It says, and that's a brilliant way to train them. Because all you're doing that taking them in the bed into your call enough to the vet their absolutely fantastic. They are about one hundred eighty dollars with every penny. Very well mood, high quality materials like Kananskis on the material that you cannot believe. And so, you know, think about those kinds of things because once you once you got pets in the Kelly wanted to be safe as well. But that's for me. I think a perfect product to practice with, because it is that bad. And then eventually the dome goes on Johm comes off, let's positive, it's the old around it a very positive association. So that's basically the premise of it. That's one example of how they use it. You veterinarians practice something quite different, which is. There's a there's some petting, you know, you know, getting to know you pet once they get. No, let's do that. It's like I'm on the table. Here we go. Gary for. But so this is this is something you what, with your veterinarian, sometimes they'll vote with you and say, you know, maybe we need to give your pet some kind of a sedative prior to getting in the car as well as the need extra aid, or maybe CBD oil or something like that. But actually about to what with you, as for tips look for who's fear free, seventy five, but there are lots of people that guessing such as well as vet, which is groomers. They handle your pets all the time. And you know, dog trainers and pet taxis. You know, people have to pick them up and, you know, take him today care or whatever it's I think it's a very important thing. He's lots of speed is a great thing to be out there to make things easier for you and your pets molasses. Thank the pit bull. Bam. One of them was lifted what's so lovely friends over at the animal legal defense fund in California. It's a huge organization of attorneys who represent animals, and they have been doing. So since. Late seventies early eighties. I want to say and they've represent many, many, many animals usually in abusive situations and you know situation with being exploited things, I see, well, circuses and of, of Simla kind of situations, they also help with. Pushing bills and laws together, supporting them language those kinds of things brilliant, Oganization. We've had Steven wells on the show before. And one of the best interviews we ever did. I highly recommend supporting them if you're in the legal field and you want to help animals that the people you would look to if you're thinking of going into legal field and would like to pay your love of animals with the legal field that the people you need to look towards. They book chapters all over the country, the so, so impressive. Anyway, they put out some great news this week. Montreal's, new math has lifted the city's sweeping ban on pit bulls and fifty months ago, we were just outraged over this. It was a controversial restriction that went into place, went into effect, the animal control Bilo. Mid illegal to adopt all otherwise client, pit bull with institute limits and required any pit bulls. Grandfather fathered in to be muzzled in public captain unleash no longer than four feet in order to be grandfathered in and Montreal. Pit bull on his required to purchase a special permit and a criminal background check. Which was just outrageous. We means amazing, well, no, they may compress criminal background checks. Why do you feel that you should pass a criminal background? Check a dog. I don't know. I mean no justification. Because to make sure that you're not a criminal and you're not going to be abusive or no there's nothing to do with a blanket. You've got a pit bull, which is real. No. He's not a breeze. Okay. I, I was thinking completely different. I was thinking completely different. I was thinking because people get them for dogs in their they're in criminal enterprises. So that if you get one, they background you to make sure that you can't get one. That's what I thought. I was thinking of the now. Good intention. Oh, no. This was just a blanket, you're well, I dunno. I see now it's like a prejudice towards someone who has that type dog just towards the dog. But I was thinking it was more towards someone who may be entering criminal enterprises. Most people you probably couldn't do that. He VO think this is kinda you couldn't do that here with the laws, you can't just say, oh, you still find pit bulls. So we're going to do criminal background. Check on you before you can have this dog. We talk to our Canadian people about this. Well anyway, but this is the good news. So mad Valerie plant and her political policy project. Montreal which when a major of city council seats in November two thousand seventeen and that was amused. Municipal election made it a campaign promise to repeal that bam. The Cording to the Canadian broadcast corporation, it emerged as a key election issue prior to the election. Representatives of the party promised. It would revisit the city's animal control plan and shift the focus to responsible dog ownership, rather than banning sit and breeds..

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