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The which is what we do NATO is a peaceful organization not a warmongering one Conservative MP Richard drax speaking to me yesterday NATO is a peaceful organization not a warning one Conservative MP Richard drax speaking to me yesterday We are on day two of course of the Russian invasion of Ukraine We will continue coverage in terms of British politics on Bloomberg Westminster at lunchtime 12 noon today will be following the story What it means for NATO with our reporters in Moscow and here in London will also be speaking to Jeremy Shapiro who is research director at the European council on foreign relations war comes to Europe So catch that live 12 new UK time download the podcast later on Apple music or your preferred radio app We will continue our coverage and I'll be speaking to sweeter ramachandran who is investment manager for global equities at gam Russia continues attacks both on military and civilian targets in Ukraine advancing closer to Ukraine's capital Kyiv This is Bloomberg Markets headlines and breaking news 24 hours a day Dot com the Bloomberg business app Quick take This is a Bloomberg business flash For Bloomberg's European headquarters here in London I'm Caroline Hepburn with this Bloomberg radio business flash the U.S. EU UK have sanctioned Russia measures that could trigger a domestic recession according to economies wheat prices have soared to the highest since 2008 war in Ukraine also risks displacing a million people into Europe Russia has banned British planes from its airspace effective immediately In terms of the markets this morning though you've got by the dip moves it would see because we're up 1.1% for European stocks after the shock that wiped out 33% of Russia's domestic stock exchange the moa X that rebounds 14.3% right now The 4100 also up by one and a half percent the smaller gain of 7 tenths of 1% But we feel it and most keenly in the commodities market of course Russia Ukraine so key to those gold aluminium copper nickel food prices of all spite gold trades at 1910.

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