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Eliane? Be mother's day. Everybody out there. Spit on golf listeners. Jordan young here a great mother's day. Unfortunately, the Sunday to come out. But Tom, Jeff Craig and myself, we're here today BBC's out west side of the state US Senior Open qualifier another. Yeah. Happy mother's day, gentlemen. Yeah. Yeah. Did everybody? Call and dole their mother stays the calls to the brunch. Yeah. That was good. I actually took the day off and was attempting to spend the day with my wife and her family in hockey kind of got in the way, they changed some times. And so I saw my wife for about ten minutes. So called my mom about two or three times. I kind of feel bad about that. So happy mother's day to my mom Carol up in Canada. But quick notes about mothers day, Tom, you got anything. Well, I was just remembering back to childhood how I got into golf on my own just watching Jack and Ernie on TV things like that. My parents never touched the sport until they saw me trying it as a teenager. I fought. Well, let's become a cool thing to do. And so I just give them a lot of credit. I didn't really recognize the time because stupid teenager like most are. But as I think more about now's not all I thought that was pretty cool that they gave it a try to do something or something was doing. That's good. I mean, my parents never call. So before that, and they still don't go all my dad tries, but he's not, but he likes it. He plays like three or four times a year. He could probably get some lessons from someone. Yeah. I don't. Barriers. A PC a lot better than that's like family taken medical for me. Good stories. Yeah. I gotta thank my grandmother. The most I think for she's a golfer. Really great. She was you know, I didn't have a lot of friends that played golf. So. Yeah. Do you have any? Now, I've got a couple not at this table. But yes, she she played my mom was probably she would say she was probably the worst golfer ever. And I think her last round was where she hit one ninety degrees. Right. My ankle. Yeah. I was like I think it was seven or eight on the spot that was that was it. I went down. I was down for a while. No, no. You got two minutes for diving dimples the ankle. Yeah. It was bad. But. Yep. Grandma, if you're listening to love she's down in just south. That's great great. How about you kind of like you my my parents didn't call. But you know, as as we're talking about this. I think when I had my whole won a couple of years ago out shoe outside of the people I was playing with. She was the she was the first person. I call. Well. Yeah. I cell phone. I picked up that was your first interview. Yeah. It was. I I don't know she person I thought the call new my dad would probably be with her. But yes, she was the first person call. So that's cool. Okay. Fired out Don in Florida. My grandfather one his club championship, and this is like thirty years ago and very next day. The guy who came in second psalm in the parking lot said I can beat you know, I can you just got lucky and my grandfather said, well, I'll go play again but wants to position my wife has come along. They tried to beat each other so hard she Beetham. Was so funny. It was our favorite story special. Happy mother's eight all the mothers out there. The sports moms. I saw Tun of at the rink today. You know, they get to spend about five or six hours at the rink card game was at eight AM all the moms that are traveling for for golf with their kids special mother's day to Kristen my wife who takes care of myself and my kid Dylan, but always good. Well, we had a bunch of days. You've got masters Sunday. We had Easter Sunday we have Cinco de Maya. And then we get mother's day. Yeah. It's pretty good good. We'll stretch. Yeah. What we've got a few things going on tonight. We're going to have Casey Lubov head coach at Michigan State, Colin. So when he gets on the line, we'll pull them up there at the west regional like they had to practice out today. They're gonna start up with with their qualified for nationals. So hopefully, they get through. We'll talk to him quickly. We have the Horton Smith that was hosted here at the Detroit off club the past. Three days. I believe and they got it all in with no weather issues. I believe. Yeah. And we have our champion that's going to call in Mr Ryan Johnson, and he'll be calling in the later on. And then we have mickey'll day from the GM. So so he's going to call in Oregon talk a little about rules. But first we've got Casey on the line Casey or they're welcome to the show. Hey, thanks for having me, man. Yeah. Thanks for the call and tell me a little bit about what you guys are doing what you guys saw today with the course. And and how you guys feeling well we look good played played yesterday to Gaza ranch up in quarter leaving the official today. Police raids Washington state too big golf course, a lot of space pretty hard to lose a T-ball any last. There's going to be a lot of birdies I'll tell you that good. Can you tell us a little bit about how this works for those listeners that may not know you guys you guys had an at large bid. Correct move onto the next stage. And and where do you guys go from here? Yeah. So thirty one on qualifiers accomplish championships across the country in and then we were selected wasn't with a one of the next fifty at large bids. So they're six regionals going around the country and each regional has thirteen or fourteen teams and the top five finishers and the low individual not one of those top five teach advanced to the national championship finals, which are in two weeks university of Arkansas fleshing scuff up. So it's it's exciting time for a program temporarily for giving to make that the tournament and is this is this the fourth consecutive year. You guys advanced. Yeah. This fourth consecutive year with school record. And you know, we haven't been to the final two thousand seven so we're gonna try and knock that off our list to keep it moving forward. This is Jeff tell us about your squad. Who's on the team, you know, what kind of personalities they have? Master that. We're aware of a few of them. But instead a conversation, I am so. The. Fun led by the captain and the and the the big dog games. Pyatt obviously familiar with all guys soft bar number third ranked player in the conference the big ten conference just a complete stop. I've got a chance to all Americans. So he's the ringleader, but also another guy Donnie transfer who finished fourth of big canned first team all big ten as well. Those two guys have really been our horses. And then after that we have four guys to Michigan guys and Zach Rosen Dale and Andrew Walker who are our salary players to out of staters kale. Johnson who big bomber from Naples, Florida. And Troy Taylor who is one of the best pressuring the big cats in Columbus, Ohio. So I think this is the group. This is a team. We thought we were going to see all year very talented group had some some issues in the fall get on the same page. Playing well in the right day. But now they're hitting on all cylinders and even over the nineteen here. I think we've got a chance to to advance. Okay. Says a pretty good one two punch like the don't wanna call them supporting cast crate players, obviously wish you guys luck out there. We'll be watching. I hope hopefully have good weather, and hopefully, we'll see you plan on TV later on the month. Great guys, we got eighty and sunny, which we're completely unfamiliar with. So it's going to be a lot of. Well, look at the hotel. Yeah. Four more rain here again case. Yeah. All right. Thank you. Well, we'll be right back. This is spin on golf on WJR. We'll talk about DMC sports and what.

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