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Show. This show the guy Graham what's happened. Our are L. I'm good. But not with this rain. Not much option. It's it's I guess it's unrelenting. That would be the word just do things in it. You just you just learn to just do things in it. Unrelenting? Look, I know there's been a million eagle games that have been blooming awful, tat one. But just kept going and going and going never and the like you said, it was a great looking rain on television s drenching drenching, drenching rain. Just spitting right now, though, not poor and co yesterday actually didn't rain for three hours three and a half, I play golf and the whole eighteen holes in. Yeah. What you shoot what your handicap? A charity thing was him. And you don't keep score. No. Did you? Yeah. Well, you keep scrolling team but many a cop at any given awards. Yeah. You gotta score as a team, but you don't have an individual score. It's the best shot. Like, you just the best guy that gets it's stupid. And how did your team do finish third you finish their squad? Nobody I know got flyers alumni Dinger. No buyers were busy with their animals with the gritty. Yeah. Yeah. They're here to stay. I mean, you kids love kids. Love mascots. I'm predicting gritties going to be a hit already was internet blew up. It was the flyers have had that much attention since they won the Stanley Cup. Big hate grit. He's going to be he's never going to be no fanatic. But. Keep an eye on greedy. Al. I mean, the whole teams redheads, right? So it looks like Scott Hartnell back, orange hair. It's not right. It's the same thing. Doesn't matter. Kids. Love those things. Some cases six mascot has never really taken off. No they've had a big shot and they had hip hop. That a dog. Right. Glenn Frank Franklin still around with know, I think he is. Oh, you got late without somebody adopted him. No, maybe got laid off. And he's drinking underneath the Benjamin. Franklin bridge. Maybe close to home. Would be the people love people love mascots. Like when I go home. Did. I always hated the fact that the Red Sox had a mascot, but all the kids have the little dolls. They love it. There was there was a period of time out where the fanatic was the biggest selling point. There was still is. And now it's back. I would assume maybe reach Hoskins, maybe. But the pills had some years there where they had nothing to sell except the fanatic. Yeah. This year. This year. Well, the anytime you gotta players what's he got thirty three homers. You're I think continue to miss the point. This is one of the worst seasons in Phillies history. It's right up there. It is one of the worst in Phillies history. And you scoffed at me when I sent out is your team's not gonna finish five. And you did us. You can't do you can't be this bad though. Will they are? Like that can't happen. Are they going to win three the final six? I don't care. No. But it would cause it matters. Doesn't matter at all at that matters to me. It's one. One of the matters to me they finished five hundred or not why they're worse than last year. I get all that I've been keeping the fills have not played. No, no, listen to me that feels not played over five hundred right? This would be the seventh straight year coming off what they were coming off is almost unheard of. There are teams again in this kind of a groove and never get out of it. But back to back World Series appearance. Is there were going into the play? And then boom this. Yeah. Usually can build off something like that. Not this one. That this squad. No, this'll be the seven straight year of non winning baseball. And to do that. They would have to win for the final six, and I don't think anybody thinks to winning for the final six what good does it do if they did. They're still awful. It would mean something to me. It's not about you know, it is a big data on the up, and he dug out all that make this guy. Happy. So now is the little bit of football last night on. Yeah. Marred by refereeing to goes another undefeated, tea, and there's like two left. I think. Team and adopt one. I haven't looked Dobbins in Rams is the ram. Yeah. Rams. Having lost yet have three weeks after three Kansas City is well, well, they always. Yeah. I don't count them because they fall apart at the only good thing about the city is if they beat you, you know, you're going to the Super Bowl eventually they might have there at the end. They might have a really special quarterback. Yeah. True. It's still too early to. The only man you've got some number four. He looks really really good. Does does. So Reid might have really stumbled onto something special there. Wow. No, no. That's one of the I I I kind of tend to discount them because they always your right to do that. Yeah. You're right. Yeah. Dolphins. Wow. Yeah. And the Rams already. You know what I mean? People are suicide pools are done or the survivor pools is colored. Danny Benjamin Franklin bridge as we speak. I don't expect Dopp remain. So you're right about the chiefs. I won't nobody is what am I saying three weeks? But the the thing is those pools where you have to you know, the survivor pools. They're done. Many people had Minnesota. This everybody after month everybody's done. This is a it's a Wild Thing. And now with the gambling legal everywhere. It's like people see how hard it is this up constantly what you clicked the world is changed has. You keep harping on this game. And thing what is it changed? It's changed. More people watch. I don't know that to be a fact yet, and we wouldn't know that he can't tell you can't tell what ratings anyway. Yeah. I can't. But I just know from talking to people. I mean, it's a difference. I'll give you gotta every week. So you would have a better feel for it than I would add you would. But I just don't a whole Atlantic City. And I will tell you what comes to Philly. I remember coming on and doing a show with Ricky Ricardo when this was getting ready to break this whole camera thing, and I said, the Ricky I said, okay, it's legal now, but my entire life. I don't know of anybody who wanted to make a bet who could not make that. Oh, yeah. Also, most people couldn't make no, oh, no, you're wrong. If you're a sports fan, and you wanna make it, and you don't know of a bookie whatever it would take you off like three phone calls. The find somebody who has the most people were talking about now like Super Bowl betting where people just have all friends that do it and a lot of women. It's different. It's totally different. We'll see I'd be like marijuana. Now stocks in Canada, go from like a dollar like three thousand because they're gonna ship to the United States. I'm all for it. I can tell I can tell you have a good day to day out another coke. The sun will be coming out for you. Stay out of the rain. Let me talk to you about my dentist. Dr Craig Don over there in cherry hill. That's D O N, and I've been gone to Dr Don now for over twenty years, he's right on route seventy go a little bit past spring counties right here on the right hand side. I've been gone to him for twenty years. And boy was I lucky that I was because when I got really sick like eight years ago and had all that radiation down in my throat. I was told by my championship doctors that my teeth. We're going to start falling ATM about a year year and a half and he did. And boy was I lucky already be a patient of Dr Don. 'cause he somehow got them all back in the right spot. And today, there's nothing I can eat. My smiles never looked better. Imagine what he can do for you for more routine work, and let's face. It is no such thing as routine work when it comes to Dennis is there because who likes to sit in that chair. Most people are frightened to death. I know I was until I hope with Dr Don because Dr Don does no work on you at all to your completely numb and comfortable in that chair. And I don't know how important that is to you when you choosing a dentist, but it's everything to me. So give them a call go to big data dot com for the smiling photo, a me, and my convertible and all the information about Dr Craig Don is listed right there. That's my Dennis that Craig, Don. It's the.

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