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Such kind of a landmark in non sequential storytelling and editing I think you know it's still holds up we did an episode double feature episode on mental. And so i think it's still holds up A little dated in the sense this film became kind of so well known for what it did with the color and black and white Telling the stories in complete you know in reverse order and all these things that It's become more predictable now but at that time. A brilliant stuff Really intriguing and i think specifically in the early two thousands. I found it Incredibly stimulating And enjoyed it so much so while. I don't think that you could keep doing this over and over and over again Memento holds a special place because of Just doing it so well when it did it so there you have at those top five pieces of editing too for the road. The whole film in general the godfather specifically the baptism scene. All that jazz You know when it comes to the sound editing. Brilliant rear window The whole thing. But also lisa going to throw walls apartment and then memento really the whole movie Good stuff good stuff okay. Next up more mcpeek writes in with a very challenging topic. And she says her topic is the top five greatest movie characters from silent films up through the nineteen forties haw best movie characters from the silent era through the nineteen forties Maura gives us her. Top five. hers are 1931. Charlie chaplin the little tramp nineteen thirty. Three's king kong great choice. Nineteen thirty nine. Judy garland as dorothy gale from the wizard of oz. Of course nineteen thirty. Nine lee as scarlett o'hara from gone with the wind and from nineteen forty two humphrey bogart as rick. Blaine casa blanca She says that she's got to Bonus characters but from the nineteen fifties Bette davis as margo channing. And gloria swanson as norma desmond All excellent choices more. This is a doozy of a topic league. This is the kind of i mean. 'cause how many great characters do we have from the silent through the forty are you kidding me So this is really the epitome of topic. Where i have to just clear my mind and really focus on the first things that come to mind like some sort of ink blot tests like what you see right now go So i think because otherwise you can over analyze this into oblivion So let's get into. These are the ones that really as soon as i read your topic. came to mind immediately. And this one the first one was like super immediate For me number. One without a doubt is mildred pierce from mildred pierce direct by michael critise and released in one thousand nine hundred forty five a mother inches towards disaster as she divorces her husband and starts a successful restaurant business to support her spoiled daughter..

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