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Dialogue 79. The first Ark Station in L. A. The second in the nation. We started the dialogue and now more than ever, the dialogue continues here, ABC, Los Angeles County and Klos HD to Los Angeles. Great K ABC News at noon I'm sharing reared in Los Angeles and San Diego schools will shut down classrooms for the fall semester. But the Orange County Board of Education has voted to reopen all school campuses without making people social distance or wear masks. Last night, the board said, social distancing is not necessary, and students and teachers wearing masks is not only tough to enforce, but quote. May even be harmful. They're also not recommending classroom sizes be cut down, but are suggesting temperature checks. The decision was met with protests outside the education office in Costa Mesa, Orange County's 28 individual school district. Still get to make the final call and how they'll reopen campuses. If they do it all. Phil Human K. ABC. New Doctors are warning not to rush to a vaccine during a virtual health hearing, Dr Bruce Gellin warned. There can be no shortcuts when it comes to developing a safe and effective Corona virus. Vaccine. Gellin runs a Sabin Vaccine Institute in Washington, D. C. A national coaching organization says it prolonged shutdown is likely to result in catastrophic consequences for both youth sports and the kids who play them. The positive coaching alliance has one in four programs will not survive the shutdowns and when what's left to return coaches. They're going to need more training to handle the issues kids will likely have and display on the field and the courts. Youth sports teach kids So many things from work ethic to physical health and commitment to sportsmanship, Learning howto win and lose graciously important life lessons. They're not getting right now checking the markets. Currently, the Dow is up for 21 dynastic up 36..

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