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Level of precision to to ensure the health of anyone who's living on one of these colonies, not to say that it can't be done, but when you are doing this on another planet. That's already essentially trying to kill you. It's a really really tough challenge. The way the way of seeing it described his that it's. It's not so much. That at a certain point. You're never going to get the dirt completely separated from your living quarters, and so it's almost more of a of a. what can we do to combat the issues that the state is going to cause some sort of chemical scrubbing process could make this inert or some kind of medical process that we can act upon the poor human people that are out there because it's GonNa. It's GonNa Affect them right right to to to even think that we could create a system that would negate all of this is probably being a little, too. You definitely can't just assume because as soon as you do. Then tragedy can strike. well, there are other challenges as well. Not just the dirt of there's also radiation, and before you get the planet. Yeah, because a journey to is going to take months. And that's because the way that Mars and earth line up. You have to figure out the right trajectory to launch to get from Earth or even Earth's orbit. To Mars in the most efficient way possible so when the curiosity rover launched now if you were to look at the closest point between wall when Earth and Mars were closest together, if you were somehow able to maintain that distance and go from Earth to Mars. It might take you a few months to get there. It took us over more than I think like eight months to get. There might say well. Why is that so well? It's because we can't get those plans to stop moving. They keep going around the sun. is moving through space itself. So what you're talking about is trying to create a trajectory. That's the most efficient pathway between Earth and Mars. And it's not A. It's not a straight line because you can't do that, you know you would end up being where Mars was as opposed to where it is, so you have to actually aim for where Mars will be so. That means that your journey through space is going to take some time. If if you did it. At the speed of light, it would be fourteen minutes right. We cannot go at the speed of light, so it's going to take months to get there and The downside of that is that spaced has got some nasty radiation out there that can kill you. So if the vacuums not bad enough, the radiation is is worse so unearth. We are very well protected. In fact, one of the reasons why we have life as we know it here on our planet is because their plan has two things really helping us out. One is the atmosphere.

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