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Everything is healthy again. We were called Fed. Well this is the South. Apparently we'll have grasping this core. And then and then what would I have for dessert? I Oh Baked Alaska to ask you. How Old School? I love a baked love. Maria dramatic and then you can just stick your head in the fire from the Bakedalaska to execute. Yeah because you have to excavate yourself in this situation this just to make it even more. I forgot to mention that. You'RE GONNA have to kill yourself with one of the food. Think my head fire. That's a quickest off as the ice cream puts the fire out and constantly as you have to put him back in Matthew. I would definitely have oysters from my favorite foods. Like a big briny. One Brian. You want you can get out of motto. I like those alga variety. Yeah San each whatever. The whatever seasonal day throw you can get whatever you want whatever sees execute it in the winter because then. I'll take away services summer always tres. I think stake will probably be up there too. I really love steak. Yeah Bratwurst Oh nice And then I really liked. But it's more like a birthday like I don't think my favorite dessert is wherever traditional thing. When my mom would always make it on my birthday but I think I would just like chocolate chip cookies. Or Pi Pi of love pecan Pie. Forget about Oh do pick up. They can do that in the south. Yeah we won't be camp. I wouldn't gave begin. We all have pecan Pie grass-fed and then how would you kill yourself? Use the shell of turning a tissue. I'd mentioned one of the oysters was bad that one last would be the red. The Red Sox just yeah fast. You're GONNA get burned. Baked Alaska head down head down during the wait for them waiting for an for died from infection. I don't think you're GONNA die from just that burn is GONNA get melted off. We'll get melted off. Dice Prima cool it and you'll be scarred would but then it would go wouldn't kill you at all but she'd be. Lasca getting those last bites in her SCALP MELTING CHURCH. Milk vizquel again. I don't know if that would kill me. Why Man's question best high end meal you've ever had the same evidence providence. Oh I've never been eleven course tasting menu there Providence's restaurant. La Seafood centric supposed to be amazing E. S. four hours. Do not feel like he did the wind hearing if it too. So it was. Victory won't have any wasn't big portions of amy tiny little little fancy food portions but stopped by the end of it but not was incredible stuff though. Yeah now after a big pasta meals i. It didn't feel if you feel satisfied because you're there so long to I think yeah really take care of your I mean Timed perfectly love it worth. Guy. I've never been. I would definitely a special occasion like we went for a birthday. And they'll give you like hey man like they gave birth. They leave on a card at your table if you let them now. It's birthday at any time. There's a customization so yeah I get a warm and fuzzy and sat and I love people telling me what to drink with what to eat. I love IT professionals. Just telling me what to do it. So that's what I want. All I want I think Americans general we love that like we go to like Sushi restaurants. Where they're like you can't even fucking look at the menu. Sit here and you eat what he makes for you. Sir guys like these guys will eat whatever the fuck this. Watch this getting fingernails. Ready to go don't you? Oh.

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