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My guest at this time has dominated rings all over the world on the independence independence and much more recently shined brightly under the lights of annex t and even had a cup of coffee at survivor series with the big dog. Please welcome welcome. Keith Lee Keith. What's going on our you? Greetings inside the -tations Things are quite well. Then how are you. I could always be worse so the WWe universe is pretty familiar with you and your work on an xt but It was a long journey to get there. So let's take a trip down memory lane rain shower. We how did Keith Lee come to be in. WWe unlike most people. I was inspired my grandmother rather than a wrestler and about three years in Some people would know him as Lance Archer. Some people that know him as Lance Hoyt take time he was in. WWE and S- Kinda said to somebody that. I wanted to look out for him then. I got invited to do some extra work I did. In my case. Get thrown into a barricade by one MR triple H and Also got poked in the eye by. Shane McMahon and punched in the face by Vince. Get the Holy Trinity. Yeah that was my introduction to the bosses that are of today so That was my experience. But at some point someone gained ain't interest in that first meeting and ended up with my first try out and I had one more that was in two thousand eight and I was turn down and then in two thousand eleven I did another little piece of extra work. And then I got asked to come back for another tryout and I was also turned down and I really wasn't sure sure what I would be doing wrestling wise going forward in two thousand thirteen when the performance center first opened up that fall. I was a part of that first. First Class and I was turned down a third time and so I really wasn't sure I was going to continue wrestling and Then I had a conversation with One Mr William Regal and dusty Rhodes and a brief few words with also Mr Jim Ross and I think that without those first two I probably would not have continued wrestling to be completely honest and I pursue the different dream. Wish was just making it on my own on the indies and uh-huh and building a name out of sheer willpower. And eventually I did enough good deeds and turned enough heads leads and shocked enough people that eventually they came looking for me and it was completely different at that time. So it took the Almost fourteen years to to get this very long journey. Yeah just a testament to keep on grinding all all the time and you You mentioned shocking enough people. I'm assuming you're referencing your skillset. Which is quite unique for man of your size? What really inspired you to you? Be Able to do these sort of things I mean. Let's be honest too. Many three hundred pounders. Who can move you? Do I think that that conversation with dusty and Regal was the point where I decided to just be myself. I spent a lot of time coming up in wrestling trying to be what everyone everyone thought that I should be in terms of what a air quotes big Guy But in my history from sports sports to martial arts. I've always been a very versatile type of athlete. I've never been stuck in one thing thing and how I felt like I should be in wrestling and a lot of people think that After that dog I decided to just listened listened to myself and bet on myself and at the end of the day. It was the greatest decision. I have made now. You mentioned what he three hundred pounder air quotes should do. I've been privy to some of those conversations I've seen come through the performance center Braun strowman immediately comes to mind a guy who's surprisingly agile agile for his size. Has that been anything that you've sort of been coached on or or they've tried to break or change about you since you've arrived in annex t was your style and your athleticism I wouldn't say that they've tried to break it or changes. I think that they wanted to when I first got the they wanted to see what else I was capable of or if that was all I brought to the table and it took a long time for them to. That's kind of attention to those things and see that there was more to me than just a guy. That's really athletic. And and I think that that may I don't know this for certain but I think that that may have had some. I'm sort of start. Stop scenario because no one knew exactly what keeps me was. They don't see something like me on the regular so. I think that I was a puzzle that people were trying to figure out and put together and once they manage to do so then uh there became some some sort of confidence maybe to get me more opportunity and then when they figured out that I could thrive then came more opportunities and so we found ourselves in our current scenario. We'll triple h was on the show not too long ago and he spoke of the importance of creating reading news stars and really just seeing who maximize the opportunity. And I think you definitely are one that stands out in that. I remember watching exte- and I had known of you and would bump bump bumped into each other in the past but to to you kind of came out of nowhere even next T- whereas you weren't really featured at the time and then next thing you know it's Keith Lee. Main event with dodger Kovac and whatnot really opened. A lot of people's is fast forward a few months and you find yourself at the survivor. Series opposite Roman reigns as the last two in the men's survivor series match. Definitely in the moment I was supremely focused and such as my nature when it comes to an opportunity I have every intention to smash it as his best. I possibly can in hindsight. That's probably the most bananas scenario that anyone could have ever thought of completely unexpected and Still hearing the effects of it To this day and I'm sure the little reverberate for a little while Get don't just find yourself in that situation you that takes some I think trust and a certain level of belief and maybe maybe just taking a chance to see what woody lose weight owes. You still have unfinished business in an xt. You've earned yourself North American championship opportunity with Roderick Strong Is there still a lot more business you wanNA take care of. And what are the odds. That Keith lease focused on making Arar smackdown appearance in the more recent future. I don't no what my future is in the next team. I know that right now. I have a great opportunity to earn my first piece of Golden. WWe Me and that's supremely important to me I think that it's something that can be a defining moment and everything that I've said about myself improving it and so My focus is there right now but I certainly wouldn't turn down any opportunities I Going forward for other places in terms of raw or smackdown. It'll just depend on how the for lack of better terminology. Cookie crumbles appreciate that outlook greatly. But I'm going to ask you to shift your focus totally break your concentration. There is no no way you can strategize what is about to happen to you. Keithly this is potentially the worst segment on after the bell but when it it is called the electric seat and I'm going to rapid fire some questions at you. Just give me an honest quick answer as fast as you can. You will have one minute to answer as many questions. as you possibly can if you win you get absolutely nothing wonderful whistle fantastic game so Keith Lee. Are you ready I am. AM prepared do your worst one minute on the clock Keith. What's the last thing you bought on Amazon? Get the body white with alcohol. Your Favorite Pok Mon childhood celebrity crush to Pango who good one favourite four four letter word darn secret hidden talent building computers. Actually Mario Mario or sonic sonic favorite song. Tennessee whiskey dragon. Ball Z or my hero academia my hero academia your go-to Karaoke Song. If I ever fall in I love by shy. Go favorite cheat meal favorite city to wake up.

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