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And we continue with more of your phone calls, a good opportunity for you to get it and I know yesterday we had guests all day and more guests to come later. Let's go to Sam next. Sam good afternoon. Let me go to Alan next to Alan. Good afternoon. Good afternoon, Paul. Thanks for taking my call. I just want to get your thank you. And just say, I believe camp of good place to the halls of the ball one man after they come home. Thank you. Thanks, Sam. Yeah, unfortunately, I have not had a chance to really have really had a chance to watch it since we are here. It's on a screen a little bit over to my side, but I know LSU, it's still early, it's still early in the game. It's in the first half, so I'm not going to get to hung hung up on it. Joseph is up next. Hey, Joseph. Joseph, if you're on the air, go right ahead. Hello? Yes, you're on the air. Go out ahead. This is just a I'm sorry. I'm making a prediction at the Kentucky and bandy game. I think turkey is going to win 91 to 79 tonight. Okay, thank you for the call. Josh is up next. Josh, go right ahead. Hey, Paul, how are you doing today? We are doing great. Thank you very much. Paul, I just wanted to have two questions. I just wanted to get your thoughts on the Tennessee Mississippi state game tonight. In my second question is, wouldn't surprise you if Tennessee made a final four run and then CWA tournament, have a good day, good ball. Thank you. I would surprise me a little bit, but I think they'll win tonight. I mean, I think this is not a good matchup. For Mississippi state, I think. I just coaching player place player matchups. I definitely like Tennessee. I think Tennessee could win this tournament. If they can get by Kentucky, but I couldn't.

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