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Arya. Todd and I wholeheartedly recommend son Lux to all of our prince and listeners out there because there are only two kinds of solar companies in central Texas son Lux and everybody else. Look at their reviews Online hundreds of raving reviews, bring your home into the 21st century and stop wasting money by waiting to go Solar calls Son Lux today Tell him Todd and Johnson should call 877467 67 12 Or go to son lux dot com. 8774676712 or go to Son, lux dot com. Jeffrey Epstein's longtime confidante, Julian Maxwell, transferred to a federal detention center in New York City to await sex trafficking charges. It's the same jail where Epstein committed suicide last summer, a rare nine to nothing verdict from the U. S. Supreme Court Monday, the justices ruling that states can punish so called faithless electors. High court upholding state laws, punishing them for casting electoral college votes other than the way there states voted, and the justices evidently don't like rubble calls any better than the rest of US. Court upheld a federal law that bans those calls from going to your cellphone writing for the majority Justice Cavanaugh's saying this quote Americans passionately disagree about many things, but they are largely united in their disdain for robo calls. So in 2015 there was actually a change to the law. There was this exception that would allow for Robocop. Lt's tied to efforts to collect debts owed to the government that was severed out from the law. The overall law and that part of it was struck down to the federal ban on Robo calls two cell phones that remains in place. It will now include collection calls related to government death. Fox's Shannon Bream, the Pentagon brass, reportedly suggesting the stars and bars be banned from U. S military facilities. Multiple sources tell Fox News a draft agreement by the secretaries for the Army, Navy and Air Force recommends barring the display. Of the Confederate flag on military bases, ships and other public places. The band would not apply to displays that are part of historical art or paintings. Ah, final decision rests with Defense Secretary Mark Esper. He requested recommendations from service chiefs last month about racial issues the Marine Corps initially banned to display of the Confederate flag. Earlier this year, The Navy signaled the same Before Respert requested a review in a consistent Defense Department policy. Jared Halpern Fox news and I'm Jack Callahan. This's Fox news. Travis County's plan to bring Tesla to the area is finding a lot of support. Along with numerous community members. The Austin Chamber of Commerce has also given support President CEO Laura Hoffman says Tesla coming to Del Valley wouldn't be good news would be great news could be game changing an instrumental our economic recovery in Central Texas. And that's not hyperbole is a real job really people during a very difficult from Texas Electric transportation resource is Alliance calls it a win win win for the state, County and Environment. Patrick Osborne. NewsRadio Kale, BJ One person is dead in a small plane crash just Around. Rock blames the county Sheriff Robert Jodie tells reporters on the scene. Only one person was found in the plane and one in 10 students. Last Mr didn't complete assignments or respond to teacher request while working at home. Texas Education Agency Commissioner Mike Moran calls it the Koven slide and says the impact from that is tough to nail down because students didn't take exit exams. Your kale, BJ.

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