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News is next. The U.S. is reaffirming its commitment to protect the Philippines from any aggression on the part of China at Baxter has more from the Bloomberg newsroom in San Francisco. Yeah, that's it, dog ahead of president Ferdinand Marcos junior visit to the U.S., State Department has put out a statement saying the U.S. will defend the transit has a video of an incident in which the Chinese ships carried out what it describes as dangerous maneuvers coming within 50 yards of the Philippine boat leading to a near collision. It says an armed attack on Philip armed forces aircraft or naval vessels would trigger U.S. defense commitments. Beijing has said maneuvers were professional and restrained and says the U.S. must not interfere, by the way. President Marcos is in the air on the way. Australia's defense minister Richard marles is citing economic coercion as a motivator for a revamped military. The threat is not that we are about to be invaded. But our exposure to economic coercion and to coercion from an adversary is greater and the potential for that coercion going forward is much more significant. And that's where the threat lies. Morals on ABC Australia says the nation has to be prepared as trade with China has increased in the recent past and is more and more reliant on fuel from Russia. So he says decisions will be difficult but defense has to be focused on protection. There's a chance that Indian prime minister Narendra Modi and U.S. president Joe Biden will meet on the sidelines of the meeting of Pacific island leaders in Papua New Guinea in May, both have been invited the U.S. and its allies so far have avoided pressuring India over its close ties with Russia. Russia is a key supplier of weapons and energy to India. Age, Biden, White House is age part of a problem for him while democratic senator Chris Coons says no problem at all. I think Joe Biden is agile is capable. His record of leadership both at home and abroad makes him eminently qualified. And we should be focusing some on the wisdom and experience he brings to the job in addition to the accomplishments he's had. Cones on ABC has heard here on Bloomberg says compared to mental acuity to Donald Trump, and Trump comes out the definite loser. With President Biden's announcement to run this week, former democratic foe, senator Bernie Sanders is out in his answering questions about the path part of going forward, Sanders on CNN here. It's the Democrats and the president have got to be stronger on working class issues. They've got to make it clear that we believe in a government represents all not just the few. Take on the greed of the insurance companies and drug companies, Wall Street, all the big money interests and start delivering for

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