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Iraqi kurd head of intelligence and security in iraq's autonomous kurdish region to be a crucial figure in the war his father the kurds president has just held and one an independence referendum yet both iraq and its neighbours iran and turkey with kurds of their own a pledge to resist what price kurdish should do dependents if it further d stabilizes the middle east i mean we are doomed to live in a neighborhood that unfortunately we are landlocked but that doesn't mean the dow people cannot freely express how they want to live in the future we don't believe that our referendum or the results of the referendum are to challenge the neighboring countries nor iraq that's must robust sunny on hardtalk after the news hello i'm jerry smith with the bbc news president trump is later today expected to withdraw his backing for the international agreements the restricts iran's nuclear program the other signatories to the accord have been lobbying against such a course of action arguing that iran has met all its obligations our diplomatic caused bond james lando reports the us president loathes the iran nuclear deal he thinks it is tough enough and allows room to get round some of the curbs on its nuclear program and there's little doubt now that later today he will refuse to recertify his support but this doesn't mean the deals automatically dead simply gives us sixty days to reimpose economic sanctions if it wants to and it's not clear that it will instead mr trump is expected to ask for more to be done to contain iran's activities outside its nuclear program this could include imposing new sanctions if it tests ballistic missiles will supports extremist groups the boss of the south korean conglomerate samsung has announced he will resign even though the company says it expects to post record quarterly profits on oak yang said the firm needed a new leadership michael bristow reports at first sight heat seems enough time to step down samson pretty accept profits for the third quarter this year he will be around thirteen billion dollas he's competed chip business is doing particularly well but quinnell hume said the company faced an unprecedented crises from a rapidly changing it industry he said younger leaders were needed despite sampson's business success he has faced problems it's former head was recently sent two prison for corruption and.

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