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The way in the reason yeah it seems like after dark on sunday robbers with guns boarded a ferry the family was riding through a very sketchy stretch of the amazon river delta there were no other passengers on the cargo ferry and the family was sleeping in the van when the robbers boarded in took every one hostage the force the ferry two of the city of porto dose diaz which is portuguese four porto dose diaz the crew the passengers were held hostage for several hours the the pirates took everything is stripped of their personal belongings and then took loss when police showed up and responded to the call no sign of the harto's gone and the police found the van beautiful westphalia camper in the abandoned in the jungle now they're saying they do not yet no the family hasn't explained how they were able to escape but a family spokesman colby gallery lives here in la said that they they think that the family decided to jump off of the bus literally jump off the ferry that they were on to get away from the pirates and have just been walking in the jungle and he says mean knowing adam he probably took it upon himself to save the family we just know that sometimes between pirates overtaking the boat and leaving the boat the harto's went missing we think they jumped and when he heard that his friends were safe he began subaru excited ugly crying this family was discovered alive rural river dwellers reportedly found them slow on a surfboard in a ravine close to a river they were and they were suffering from dehydration insect by and scratches but they had bonded and build the bond that you don't get at the grand canyon you don't get adds ion you don't get anywhere in america you must go live in a van that's thirty years old with your toddler ars there was a very famous comedian who once said that used to live in a van down by the river that enlightened seoul has shuffled shuttled office mortal coil but i think we can all learn decree christopher farley that perhaps true treasure is found in the.

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