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Cancel baseball practice. Fry regard. I thought I recognized your voice and high George I didn't know that was you ahead of us in line. I came down here to pick up a registered letter say, I don't believe I know the young lady all I'm sorry, miss Berra. Mr dave. How do glad to know? You miss verge. You are. Thanks. Georgia's postgraduate. Graduate courses at the university and confidentially he's one of the most brilliant men at Yale. Nor that MS Berridge little more than a drag. Well, how secret experiments of yours coming along George what secret experiments? Sounds exciting. Not very Frank. What did I hear about geology going up to echo cavern tomorrow? Well, not the whole class yours just fourteen of us interested in mineralogy. I didn't know about that thing where do you think? Okay. What's your big limestone cave about twenty five miles north of here? They've been promising us this field trip for a long time now, but this is the first weekend. We haven't had a ballgame scheduled for the reason I ask is that I'm going to be up there myself tomorrow more of your experiments join well, I've been up several times the past few weeks. I'm hoping this'll be my last trip. Where are you staying at the farm lemon horns cavern that little in right next to the fire? Sure. That's Henderson splice reminds me Frank. We're supposed to be over the New Haven house to complete arrangements with Mr Henderson. Oh, I know. We'll do it as soon as we mail answers back. Wait for me. Frank right ahead. We have plenty of time. And we're almost at all, right? Who's next? Oh, yes. I'm George Davis received a notice of a registered letter the postman deliver it must've been Albany campus. But it's very important. Let's see it's very valuable the first minute and back to the back look here. Hold your horses. Nothing's been lost to carry. It hasn't gone back with again. You'll just have to wait. Are you George? Yes. Yes. Go ahead. I hope that blasted postman comes back with my letter. It's tough luck. But don't worry you'll get it. Now until let's have.

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