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Lawyer Michael Cohen will be meeting with prosecutors in Manhattan as they investigate hush money payments, Cohen made to porn actress stormy Daniels, allegedly on Trump's behalf. Another sign that indictment is on the way after prosecutors and formed Trump of his right to testify before a grand jury. Paul Flores sentenced to 25 years to life in prison for the 1996 murder of California college student Kristen smart. Dave packer ABC News. News radio 1000 FM 97 7, stay connected, stay informed. What is the 7 31 cloudy conditions here? 40°. I'm Mark Christopher. We've had issues with our transmitter here of northwest news radio. A.m. 1000. And FM 97 7 here in the last couple of hours, so patients, some of you might be getting us here in other areas. You're still wondering where is the radio station? Engineers have been notified and of course difficult issues here after perhaps we did move into our new studios this week and I guess we're there's some things we're working on here but we continue of course your priority with the news we have for you. Good morning I'm Mark Christopher rich lines are editor here overnight and early hours. Here's what we have at this time. A standoff at kitsap county briefly forcing a lockdown for a class at central kitchen middle school yesterday. Deputy say a man was holed up inside his car with a knife outside the library there in silverdale at about 9 in the morning and refusing to get out after about an hour of negotiating the band became distracted and a deputy reached into the car and grabbed the knife from a center console. Deputies arrested him and then took him to the hospital. Historically difficult park and Ballard reopened yesterday after being closed two years to repair the damage done by that illegal homeless camp. Paul Rivera reporting, the hard part now, keeping the park there in Ballard clean and safe. They're glad it's back, but they said there's going to have to really be some daily enforcement here to keep this park from turning back into what it was two

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