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He is a producer on the vendors films and i think that there has been you know at least for a time i think there was a lot of like well how involved is he really like is this just like one of those executive producer credits and he's just collecting checks or is he actually kind of involved in marvels still or is there some bad blood between him and marvel given us some of the ways that iron men reportedly shook out a dozen seemed to be the case it seems like he's a real team player and he's really happy to still be a part of the marvel team i wouldn't be surprised to see john fabbro direct another marvel movie at some point in his career but it's really cool to have both him and already j you know the two original pillars of the marvel cinematic universe involved in the introduction of spiderman to the mc you to bring who you know really is the flagship marvel character even though he had not been in any of these new in continuity movies up until you know civil war a little while ago and now in his own beach film here he is the guy and now that the mc has that guy it's really cool to see the guys who brought iron man to life and turned ironman into the guy a cause ironman was gonna be list at best before that movie really in now he is a worldwide phenomenon and so they were really the guys at made that possible to have them be part of the welcoming committee for tom honda's vitamin the mc you that is really the thing that really really made me nerd out a bit and i thought that they did a great job there and his goulty gwyneth paltrow show up i like when they have her as ever pots i think that they've know there probably been moments were they wanted more pepper pots is gwyneth paltrow ism arnaud dupin it up somewhere so she's not always available covered they guy another this is because there are so many complaints if they broke up tony and pepper offscreen because they couldn't get a gwyneth paltrow.

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