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What? What was your reaction in the moment? Well, I had two different reactions. My reaction to Putin was this is not surprising. This is like the fifth time he's he's mentioned me in public. The thing that I did find a little surprising in a little upsetting was the fact that Trump didn't shoot him down right there. And then and said, that's ridiculous. We're not gonna do that far from it. He made reference to something being an incredible offer. What did you understand Trump was referring to when he said, incredible offer. So the the trade was Putin said, okay, Muller is indicted. These twelve GRU agents will give Muller access to those agents in return. We would like to have access to Bill Browder and a bunch of American. Government officials and intelligence officers who we believe or part of the Bill Browder criminal group. That was the incredible offer that was being proposed and to add insult injury. When this was then discussed at a press conference with Sarah Huckabee sunders a few days later the the New York Times Astor. Well, are you gonna do that deal? They? And she said, well, we're considering it have no announcement on that at his moment. Separate apart from you. The implications of such a thing go far beyond you and bathroom fall and others. It means basically that this administration, at least for while made it appear that maybe it's still true made it appear that they would consider swaps of American citizens and perhaps UK citizens like you are to a a murderous thuggish regime based on no evidence. What do you make that? Well, I mean, it's it's is a portent. It's it's unbelievable. I mean, it's it's beyond beyond anything I could ever match. And now I never believed that it would actually go through even if he wanted to because the rule of law in the United States on so many different levels would prevent, but the fact that he thought it was a good idea and the fact that he didn't reject it outright was quite disturbing in terms of his own judgment about this whole thing. I mean, the most important condemnation of that came the next day when the Senate voted unanimously ninety eight zero to reject this this offer, they don't vote unanimously on anything anymore. So I ask you this question last time. I know you've been ASA lot. How much do you worry about your own personal safety and has at worry increased or remained constant over time? The perception is that that my risk has gone up. The reality is the my risk is always been high. I've known for a long time how infuriated Putin is with me and how much I've gotten under his skin. And and so I've been at in sort of danger zone for a long time now and and there've been lots of different incidents where they've tried to get me in different. As and I don't feel more endanger in in a certain way, I'm less endangered by the fact that Putin is being so public about it because it's limits some of their opportunities because everyone will know Putin did it, but doesn't stop him from trying to get me the most aggressive ways try to get me or through extradition in in INTERPOL as opposed to just knock me off on the street because if they can get me back to Russia than they can kill me quite easily with full plausible deniability. Whereas how important? I'm sorry, when you say plausible deniability, you believe that Latimer Putin attempted to kill Sergei's people in the UK. Correct? I do, yes. And lots of people believe that to be true, right? Yep. And he must have known. And so Paul was someone who acted in in a intelligence capacity and who's one of the people traded for the the ten spies at my office prosecuted back in two thousand ten. And Putin would have to know that if someone likes her gay scruple was assassinated under suspicious circumstances in the United Kingdom that blame would fall on him. Right. Do you think he cares or not? How important is a plausible deniability really? Well, I think that that he thought he could get away with it the same way as they thought they could get away with Litvinenko's murder the one, the person who's murdered in London using polonium to ten. I don't think that he thought that they would find out what the compound was and be able to densify and then identified back to Russia. And so what Putin hates more than anything are consequences. He likes to do things. We're Rick innovate..

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