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Yes I mean I'm happy with the endless. Also I think that's that's the way it should be because people can't complain and we can blame them like if the wrong thing comes up and it's Rob Makita third wheel or the live listener bracket okay. I'm like hey the late keyboards better idea. We told you you didn't listen you voted for it and then by the end of the day Saturday we should know what the show is going to be yes and then we got to figure out because some of these logistics like Elena show we got higher that right artists I right okay all right Akiva anything else. I think that's it. I think the next time people here from us we'll be live from Oh. No why Allah says you wouldn't you and rob knew where to reach h me no I had nothing to do with booking rob Sanford tally on this podcast yeah okay so Akiva there you habit or anything else you WANNA add no. I'm excited for the vote. I'm excited to see you in Minnesota. I'm excited to do three podcast and go to Baseball Games in twenty two pod Kelly sleepover yeah sleep over. We're literally doing three podcast and going to baseball games in twenty four hour. Okay maybe twenty eight hours. I also let me just add so just in terms of the schedule of what we're doing so that we have this podcast going up whenever you're hearing it then the live show podcast probably won't get out to you guys until maybe Friday or so. I think that's probably a quick turnaround from Wednesday Thursday so that that'll be the podcast for next week and that'll be wrapped forty to the live show and then we'll be back with a new episode of rap with whatever comes up on the wheel at the live show the following weekend. You'd better tell yeah I I really think you'd better attack. It sounds like I've been listening to. It's definitely not we asked writer. The song says you better attend but kind of sounds like better attack. We're not we're not going to relitigate this. Okay all right. Give I will see you in Minnesota and hopefully almost a hundred or more of you there as well. Take care have a good one bye yeah..

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