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Amazing all right our next story is about alex garland who is the writer director of films like x mocking and annihilation he has a new script he's not directing this movie but he just sold a new script call two tristar pictures in the script is called the toymakers secret this is the movie quote tells the story of an american family who moves into an old victorian house in london and begins to believe it might be haunted so with just that description and the idea that this is an alex garland movie i'm sure those of you out there who have not heard about this project before are already sort of conjuring something in your mind about what what kind of tone and what sort of film this might be but i'm here to tell you that it's probably going to be way different than that because this film was also being described as family friendly which is not something that i would a term that i would apply to any of alex garland's previous films really he is writing the script but the director of it is going to be a woman named paloma baeza who is a awardwinning writer director she around sorry a writer animator she did the of animation on the stop motion short called poles apart which starred helena bonham carter and she won a bafta in an anti award for reading that scripted and for her work on that film and she is going to be making her directorial debut on this project she also happens to be alex garland's wife so that's an interesting connection there the idea of alex garland making a family friendly haunted house movie is very fascinating to me just because of his existing body of work and like i said you know the stuff that he's done would not really point you to to believe that he would be capable of doing capable or interested in in doing something like this issue i know you're a fan of alex garland's more cerebral films what do you think about him making a family friendly haunted house story i'm kind of intrigued just because it seems so out of his his comfort zone that i really wanna see what he does with it and i am of the opinion that.

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