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Of he is john burnt coal oh he is no yeah now i'm just going to say this and we've already said it before the music's fucking look at awesome i mean if you're going to get on board of somebody one he's i do like seven different things at ones that are bugging here and then secondly your to have that music as he runs away from it is people shoot and spears in a shoe disputes through narrows and shooting like dirt upload dartgun them so i don't know man i mean there's really no you could say about it i mean it's john williams he's the best he's the best and at ease the best until someone comes out and does what he's done over decades decades of of time he's the best to ever do it and then i was going to make a joe is for the i was gonna make took maybe junkie xl the guy who does halt that stupid a n d d see you movie spike them but then i was like junkie excel he's an asshole he did the d c universe but then he also did theory or the best fuck an action scores ever road dead pool a dark night rise i was gonna make a badge with a like i did prompts the jokey excel i was going to make a joke a your experience put you do a pretty easy one of those guys very much on the rise unique could see him in like 5 10 years being in the place like hans zimmer michael gene or at right now we're and they're probably the closest we have to like a john williams now but even then i mean he was one of the guys who made one of the more newest recent iconic theme songs for wonderwoman.

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