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Operation freedom and Dave Janet dot com are growing and expanding our freedom based platform we have launched a new premium service a Dave gentle dot com premium service includes premium member only twenty four seven access to the podcasts from every Sunday operation freedom show premium members also have exclusive access V. R. archives to every operation freedom show since October twenty ten membership includes an exclusive access to a new insider insight show hosted by me doctor day Janta every week each insider inside show includes an opening analysis a geo political events followed by an in depth interview of a featured guest premium members will also have access to our department of advance research posted by Nick row we is this show utilizes Nick's extensive experience and expertise in the world of technology bottom line folks the monthly cost is less than my favorite deal a cosco pizza or in other words it only costs thirty cents a day the premium service is the biggest information bang for the Buck I hope you'll join our freedom fighter team as a premium member service of scrubber please click on the link it Dave chanted dot com the milk in a bookshop in beautiful downtown chills his closing after forty six years the mule is retired that's good news for him but is great news for you the entire store is on sale all boots hats belt buckles and jewelry all on site take advantage of the big discounts on everybody stock Tony llama Nocona just double H. women's boots to the entire store is reduced to retirement pressing with you're looking for a good western movie for yourself but for your family for Christmas or the exotic mood of your dreams food is included in the store wide retirement sale coming early while selections good it's first come first serve nothing held back should come in which a mule happy retirement becoming early while the selections good do your Christmas shopping or get the movie your drain to fantastic retirement presses the entire store will be so that's a mule Skinner bookshop one twelve north main downtown Chelsea right next door to one's own my thirty seven merry little Christmas and let's always the mule a happy little retire news Skinner style sixteen hundred AM sixteen hundred A..

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