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It's not sad. It's just the nature of the beast. I'll suggest it for the same way in the NFL. We shares you notice that same way in an entertainment, you're only as popular as your last hit. And when you're no longer needed here show the door, and that's just how it is. When you're what he can't run a four four and were you can't say wide receiver in the NFL type thing, you gotta go. Yeah. And you know, and you really feel like the only people that I stay in touch with from Debbie are Marty Miller and Mark Palmer Rico and those two behind the scenes guys. And Cody was one of those people that I. Had stayed in touch. I can't remember who left. I, but you know, he was one of those guys. You know, we always text in. We're on each other's Christmas card list problem for the next two decades. I hope. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. Well, I think time will tell sooner than later what's going to go on this Tuesday. January the eighth in Jacksonville. There have some big rally or some announcements, I'm not exact-. I really don't know. I I'm still contractor WWE through the end of March. And you know, I we have had no dialogue whatsoever about me staying or going so and and I've just really been enjoying life. And you know, so I'll I'll always way all the oceans, Josh, you know that. But now love column wrestling matches. But I don't know to what degree how much do I love it. How much how much you love to get back in a weekly basis type thing. I don't know. I don't know that. I on sixty seven years old as January third. So what am I gonna? I'm just glad to get up in the morning, for God's sakes. It having other have another crown Royal. But I have I have lessened the what a mix it with nounce ice cubes for cool deal. It's almost idiot proof. Hi, skews crown. Well, listen man sound like doing good. I I wanna watch show this Sunday because I do expect it to be a real wrestling show, and you guys do good shop calling it. I'm not being real high on wrestling announcing in general here in the last few months, not physically you guys. Because like I said sometimes I forget your own and understand list. I set my I should I should set my DVR giving that's why should do. Well, Senate for January eleventh when we switched to the pursuit network every Friday night, you can catch impact on pursuit..

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