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T. L. I think you bring up an interesting point there is it's it's more nuanced I think this is worth the left is missing is it is more nuanced you're just trying to paint trump as he's a racist that's it that's all anybody needs to hear to me that sounds like exactly the mentality that one can this election is because the left keeps just sort of insanely just you're racist sexist here besides your you know just like going crazy we're just trying to label people you're all full of hate okay you know like they're just getting laughed at you know and it's like that's not what's going on stop being an extremist all the time exactly I mean I feel like is being upset with Donald Trump for being racist it's like being upset with Kermit the frog saying for being well my goodness Kermit the frog he's a racist they should take him off he's really bad but to be a feel like he's a sock with the hand inside of it and so like if you really are concerned then forget Donald Trump he's a sock with the hand inside of him you might want to think about is who is on the other end of that hand that's that's a good one America greeted with that green again Americans green no not stoned there are the stone okay but seriously now it's just because I've got the floor here all of a sudden it just kind of stole it no no that's well but here's the thing there's something I want to share with our listeners I thank you folks so much for listening really appreciate that without you we be just talking to ourselves with a lot of fancy equipment so the constitution how is it a legally binding agreement and this is something that really amazes me how so many lawyers and so many folks see the constitution is a legally binding agreement they must follow what they must obey it legally binding but I feel like Lysander Spooner and his book the constitution of no authority it makes it so clear that it is not a binding agreement and the fact that the lawyers have no notice of this really astonishes me now why is it not legally binding well it's very simple you didn't sign it I didn't sign it No Way maybe someone out there did so if you don't sign an agreement you might be pretty hard pressed to be in a binding agreement and then if people who signed it signed it before you were born on your behalf that might also not be legally binding but you have to sign to get your social security identification card or a hand we have to sign that says agents to the flag so they get you a bunch of things after the fact but I feel like those after the fact agreements by coercion under duress after being exposed to various my control both through programming on electronic devices as well as possibly through chemicals maybe I'm just a theorist maybe these conspiracies are just theories were maybe they are real and these guys own you according to their rules hello my name is conspiracy theories as we all laughed at them and tell we find out that there was an element of truth or they were just flat out true so many things in our history we can there's no such thing as false flags except for the whole Gulf of Tonkin that got us into the Vietnam War and of course every big event that's no no wait I'm just kidding they're telling the truth sure there are Irish in North Sea lie to us we're gonna settle this out we're going to go to the phones or we've got David called in from Albuquerque David you're on free talk live what's on your run yeah bill could clear at the end of the last woman to still respond what whatever trump says he's playing you playing here something the problem here the objective he's playing you I am not his plane everybody yes pardon for DHS yeah yeah we played against me so so so when now Lesko FBI stated publicly New Mexico the most corrupt state in the nation and they proved it by trafficking my children illegally and so I continue to pay them back by exposing their daily corruption in support of what the FBI said the New Mexico is the most corrupt state in the nation today we have more news on earned a news on Las Vegas New Mexico mayor to Nita Gourlay your own pardon this is the mayor of yeah mayor like something there was like a female or male you got to go mayor Las Vegas is thirty to thirty five may get on Google you did not make it to the news and she comes under very top along with the drug guided in el and so what he did is he got a boyfriend can I get a call back in on another night because we ran out of time my apologies thank you for we specialize in the news the bill the website I have no knowledge of websites whatsoever I'm a salsa dancer I'm not a website designer I'm a third generation Taylor I know how to make people look great in their clothing but I do not know how to build a website for people like us.

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