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The great American women's perspective on things about equal rights amendment earrings about women serving in the military and more. Joining me now from the independent women's forum is the honorable Julie gun. Lock Jolie gun. Lock welcome again to the Bill Cunningham show. Julie how are you? I'm doing great. Thanks. I want to get your reaction first of all to well. Let's deal with women in the military because right now or a federal judge has ruled that the draft was doesn't exist. But men have got to register for it. But I think between the ages of eighteen and thirty four that somehow. And I certainly agree with it on paper. But I don't agree to it in principle. I know what my granddaughter, I don't want my wife or sister serving but the equal rights amendment is surfacing again. Which ostensibly we'll give women equal rights to men one St. short. So give me a woman conservative woman's perspective on not just the ERA women serving in the military. Well, look on the ER a it sounds really good, right? It it sorta taps into this grievance culture that we have out there. That tells women that were unequal we're treated on equal reconstitute victimized. There's mass hysterical levels of misogyny and sexism out there were paid less. We're not appreciated we do everything. So of course, the sort of taps into the equal rights amendment. But what people need to understand is that women are already guaranteed equal rights by the fourteenth amendment, which states that the government may not. Deny. It says quote deny any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws, and we have a number of federal and state and local laws that say it is illegal to discriminate based on sex. We have these laws in place, we have these protections in place, and you know, what I find so insulting is the idea that we literally need to amend the constitution to protest a little me the weaker sex. Thing it's insulting it's patronizing. And frankly, I find those who are pushing the IRA to be the true sexist. I don't need their protections under the under under the constitution. I don't need changes to the constitution. I already have those protections. And if anyone would just sit down and read the constitution, they would understand that. The point is political not substantive at the point is is to continue to make women cower in fear that Sex's men are about to assault them beat them hurt them assault on college campuses that somehow government's got to help a woman what their paycheck, and what's going to happen. And so we're only one state short of the thirty eight required under the you're too young to remember it but in the seventies and eighties. This was a big deal, and it was finally stopped. Because feminists said wait a minute number one priority protected by the fourteenth amendment. But number two, we have certain advantages over man. And so we're going to give men we're going to increase the rights that they have to equal women and women said, we don't want this. Well, God bless Phyllis schlafly who was learnt of and the mainstream press is largely last at, but she did a lot for women in this country. She alone thought the which for a while, thanks to sort of second way feminism we had a lot of support for it. But ultimately it fell flat. When people started to realize realize. Is that women do benefit from not having served not being drafted? You know, there's a lot of things that FEMA pass we wouldn't have as much legal rights. We wouldn't have certain protections. So women really started to realize that and again, it's because Phyllis schlafly. She's a hero to women in this country against she's she's largely made fun of by you know, sort of the elites in the mainstream out there. But but she really accomplished a great deal. The thing with one of the things that the ear. I would do was it would make women eligible for the draft. And this is also I think in our sort of modern area, they are very attractive. You look at the sports situation, you have transgenders Dow competing against women you had this idea that there's no differences between men and women. Actually, I w I just had a a really fabulous about New York City about who's afraid of sex difference. And we talked about how biologically neuro biologically and just physically men and women are very different. Why are we so afraid to talk about this? And so what the draft would do would it would it would play it a women possibly on the front lines facing enemies that are physically stronger than them. This is something that people should know about certainly women should know about that sort of glossed over by the feminists, and those are pushing the RA the issue that issue to me is used because men and women are equal. But dammit were different men have more lung space. We got bigger we're stronger, our hands our shoulders. So I'm watching in Connecticut. These high school boys who aren't doing well running against boys. So now, they're winning the state title for girls because they haven't gone through surgery or hormonal stuff they identify as female and as a consequence that means they can run in these events. What happens when a twenty five year? Old former college male golfer identifies as a female and show of shows up in the LPGA tour hitting the ball three hundred twenty five yards. What happens then, well, we're starting to see some out against transgenders competing and women's sports. And she she said, you know, look at anybody knows Martina. I'm just going to stick with Martina Martinez is a as a champion of LGBT writes way, back in the eighties shoot one of the leading champions of aids research and a champion of aids of of of the cause of aids and in terms of research and human rights, and and and and she is a leader on on on fighting for the rights of the LGBT community, and she came out. So this is this is a woman who who who is is sort of new to these issues. So she came out with a really compelling piece talking about how she she really research. She went and she looked at the biology. She looked at the science of these issues, and she came out and said, look, we should not have transgenders transgender women. These are formerly men who have transitions to to to a female best. They can and and and competing in these these sports, and man, she has been dropped by the LGBT community some sort of sponsors. She has been blasted by this community. And she said I went away I researched it, and I came to these conclusions. And so it is really it is it's extremely politically dicey for people to really take up these issues, but this apply the reason I'm talking about this is to me this applies to women in the draft being on the front lines in combat. We can pretend there's no difference between men and women. But there clearly is whether it comes from, you know, the. You know, the tennis courts to other sports venues to military passing the ER a would would allow women to go into the draft and to be put in these frontline combat positions. That is dangerous. Why that's considered good for women progress for women. I will never understand Joni god-like independent women's forum several months ago, it might have been an August September at the US open. John McEnroe one of the top five or six tennis players of all time was asked what about Serena Williams playing on the men's tour, and he made the comment that would be impossible. That that the one thousand ranked male in the world would regularly beat Serena Williams and one as said when he said that hey, got nothing. But hell John Lloyd was married to Chris Evert, Lloyd, and John Lloyd was on the ATP tour, but he was like one hundred and fifty in the world, and they would practice together, and John Lloyd B Chris Evert all the time when they when she was number one ranked in the world house is good for women to have men identifies a women and takeover women's sports. You would think feminists would say hell, no, we're not gonna do that. But they don't do that. Do they? Well, we really are starting to. We're seeing most of this in high school sports, right? We're seeing this in the Connecticut case of the two. Transgender female identifying young men who who if you look at them. They have the body build of men they have the lung capacity of men, they have the widened shoulders. They have the longer legs and they are winning every single race because they are only now going through transition. So they have been through most of humanity and most of developing as boys, and so they they have an advantage. But you're saying this in high school sports, and this is what have we seen it in other sports? I at a lower level bicycling, for instance, recently, there was a world sort of a world championship and a transgender woman. So that's a man who to then I am. It's very hard to keep track from. Then changed to a woman. You know, she she one and one of the the woman who came in second or third sort of objected, man. She was hammered hammered. You also have seen it a little bit and some weightlifting now the weightlifting and bike racing. Are thing are sports that are not. So popular the minute. We start to see this and women's tennis the minute we start to see this and women's basketball the minute we start to see in the slightly more popular, women's sports arenas. You're going to see more prominent blowback. I mean, what Martinez natural natural Turlough by dead, very brave the very rare. And I think as some of the the sort of more higher visibility sports involving women women's sports more popular women's sports as as transgender start to start to come into those sports, you'll see more vocal opposition. But right now, what's so sad is. In high school sports and everybody is so terrified to speak up that we're we're not seeing it. But I think as these as transgender sort of start to get into more prominent sports, we will see more objections. Another issue is the sexual rape and assault of so many young girls as young as seven or eight years old. But but women according to the president, according to ice win interviewed about one third or more of women who travel across Mexico when you go into very so-called counties. You have to pay a toll either pay money your pay with your body. And so one of the arguments Trump made the other day in his speech to to CPAC is, wait a minute. Now that there are literally hundreds of thousands of young girls and women and some boys that are sexually assaulted. So one of the reasons to shut down the southern border is too distant courage, the rape of sexual assault of girls and women and young boys and men on the perilous dirty, and you would think if you're a feminist what you wanna do is. Protect the chastity of these women that are forced to take birth control pills along because their teenage girls getting rape. But but the feminist don't react like that. Do they know where's the metoo movement for the women coming across the southern border? I'd like to know that right? I mean, where is the where's rose McGowan? Okay. Where are the seminaries who, you know, are so agitated about like the rapist in Hollywood. But they don't give a crap about the women who are trying to cross the southern border and again or having to give their young daughters, birth control. So that they don't get pregnant by their rapists. It isn't academic. It is I mean, the us government considers a whole bunch of epidemics Hollywood. So do all these activists, okay, female, feminist activist? But when it comes to the poor women crossing the southern border. They don't seem to give a crap sorry for my language, but they don't and it is irritating and the era of of metoo. So we're also woke we're all supposed to be. So we're also supposed to be so concerned about the about. Women in general who are victims of sexual assault. And yet you have these horrifying horrifying stories about women young women older women, and yeah, even young boys being raped on the southern border, and nobody cares..

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