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Out what Clark Howard thinks about cheaper lab grown meat. And the hottest weather of the year so far coming a Kirk malicious five day forecast 95.5 WSB 11 20 in the cooler carrier, WSB 24 hour traffic center. Travel advisory continues with this rollover crash over on 25 westbound the inner loop about a crest road exit 51 2 right lanes are blocked. It may be in the clearing stages. But either way your delay start back around flat shows you can avoid all of that and use I 20. It's wide open. Right now. Use I 20 out of the cab county. Traveling elsewhere crashed. Cleared 75 north bound before 2 85 This is over in Clayton County. All lanes open, but still you're dealing with delays as you leave Forest Park and did what? Construction Over on I 85 north down between dry pond Road Exit 1 40 just north of us for 41 Exit 1 49 Taking out of right lane. I'm Veronica around 95.5 WSB. This is WSB media ranches. Kirk Mellish, checking on the coming heatwave. Find my forecast any time on the WSB radio am I just have a problem with relatives of famous people who write books. Because I think well, no one's going to write a book about.

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