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Like a laser beam on isis is not help a complicated battlefield in northern syria involves russia turkey syria and us forces here from our reporter there this wednesday february seven on all things considered i'm ari shapiro and i'd mary louise kelly coming up the pentagon considers president trump's request for a military parade the president of respect for on this for the military ethics is reflected in him asking for these option candle physical largest refugee camp in the world where roh hindu muslims from me and marcy shelter in bangladesh every direction you look at it just mountains beyond mountains of shelters these are not conditions that are healthy glaister why american students don't know much about slavery and the olympic task of bringing the winter games to television first this news live from npr news in washington i'm shea statements house minority leader nancy pelosi is again calling for votes on an immigration bill blows he gave an eight hour speech on the house floor yesterday to press the issue she spent part of the time reading personal statements from young undocumented immigrants who could soon lose protection from deportation tell out of fear high school that i found out i had an illegal status this country of opportunities today humbly asset you wish you legal resident status to those who have benefited from president obama's deferred action for childhood arrivals senate majority leader mitch mcconnell has promised a debate on a permanent fix or the daca program but there has been no such commitment in the house meanwhile dozens of socalled dreamers and their supporters marched or both order wall yesterday to highlight their fate gene career has more from member station k pds in san diego a little less than fifty people march to the border wall demanding what they're calling a clean dream act last month president trump said he wanted a path to citizenship for the dreamers in exchange for border wall funding for none them mother guy has had dhaka since 2013 she was at the march to the existing wall we wanna make sure that among willie pibor now that we're not gonna we're not willing to be used as bargaining jobs congress has been unable to agree on a bill to protect the dreamers because of a tug of war between those who want the wall to be a part of the bill and those who don't for npr news i'm gene guerrero in san diego senate leaders of a bipartisan agreement aimed at averting another government shutdown at midnight the agreement includes.

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