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And the amazing emilio you'll do stuff like what you realize you could just enter couch no matter what the season this year but you can't 'cause he will pressure you dithers and i say as much peer pressure on the fly succumb to so much peer pressure and like maybe look maybe i'll go drake a little couple beers on on chris saturday afternoon we put they serve alcohol your new york city i don't have to go the places where you're going to go out pecking i would go out hope have can lose i would go out picking i think i will pickings romantic and queue up that's right john ever the romantic just two romance from johnny fights through room in fucking loser i'll tell you is big fucking loser natalie wiener talk about her bleach report and the condescending hacks out there on the internet who continue to try to come a parcel with their misinformed nonsense and get bodybag to every single time this segment of internet murder is brought to you by draft kings you've been waiting since february sixth for football how many months that town your again you had really quick out it must have been several are actually of laughing rid of it is the eighth month of the ninth month for full nope eight yeah that's exactly right you know it's always you town two two two two two nine as it's seven even when a lot of months for football and on those month rover football's back week one is here and draft kings is going to hook you up with a thousand dollars na million dollars nah uphill ops billion billion dollars coming your way every time he says have well as you here's have the repeated you have to hit the b like when someone like i can do a thousand pushups or two thousand gotta say the number back i make 5 of any or 500 when you throw numbers that would have robin reid that back to you just so you're sure about a thousand or brilliant 1 billion if you pick the perfect lineup meaning you pick the top performer for every single slot you're gonna get a billion dollars john how many zero zero two billion.

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