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FM. It's 3 48 traffic and weather together on the eighth, sponsored by Amtrak dot com. Hears clearly got a new snag. Westbound 80 94. We saw the traffic building Now we'll tell you why. Where heaviest Kennedy to past the state line. The reason why is in earlier crash was quickly told of the left shoulder. But as long as the delay is there the emergency crews main you're going to be pretty tied up eastbound 80 94 heavy with capers towards to the state line Amber ground, Eaton's is still dodging the way he's headed out. About about 21 upon Kennedy 13 mantra. Satan Express 33. If you are headed to O'Hare 47 minutes coming in from O'Hare is 35 coming in off the Edens. Up on Ike. Heavy from Independence to display is 28 to Mannheim 41 to retrial 3 90 about his 47 minutes from row three. Not he's 27 from Mannheim. Up on Stephenson about 32 minutes to the tri state 44 to 3 55 inbound. Just 35 to the drive 22 from the tri state to Lakeshore drive, Dan Right now. Three. Inbound is 25 minutes. They're pretty good on 57. But you're so both ways. Now on the bishop Ford up on 22 inbound is 18 lakeshore Drive South Seoul from Michigan. Down to Chicago, North bound 18th up to Balbo on Lee Totally giving you any delays yourself on Tri State Heavy from Balmoral to the Bensenville Bridge. North Avenue to Ogden eastbound 80 heavy through Juliet here, Larkin most of the way to Briggs. Traffic is sponsored by Amtrak dot com. Take your personal space to go.

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