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Well, it wasn't just my father. My father as you say had had. Been A. An officer, a combat officer in World War Two and he was evacuated from dunkirk in nineteen forty, and then allow part in the landings. And served through. All the way through. The Battle of Normandy and into Holland and ended the war. At, age twenty six as a temporary. Brigadier, in in Germany, so he had an extraordinary war came from a very. Humble background working class background. he was decorated in the field by Field Marshal Montgomery. Who was the commander in chief of the American Canadian British AMIES AT D Day? There! So they maintained a relationship a close relationship. When my father went back into journalism, he just been a junior reporter on our local newspaper. And it was my father that I came in no fear Mushroom Montgomery. Back well, I was a school kid when I first met him. And inviting me to. This converted water mill. He he lived in in retirement. He had been deputy. Supreme Commander of NATO. And so monty took a kind of liking to this young. Somewhat ignorance it. And, and in fact, Monte took me to stay at chop well with Winston, Churchill Unlikely Church for weekend with two daughters President and Said I was nineteen years old. I was at Cambridge investi undergraduate I I. I was You know strange to say I thought I behaved very well there and. It's been. Nine hundred sixty four. Because, it was an extraordinary we can. I can imagine. It will very vivid in my memory, but I recently came across a letter that Monte as his cold. If you're Masha, wrote to my father, saying that I'd been very badly behaved. I was sort of chocolate. student very opinionated wouldn't listen to let. My Gosh. So, but I did. Talk a great deal with Montgomery about chat show who Churchill had been Montes boss. Okay, have from. From the battle of Alamein in nineteen, forty two all the way through to the end And MONTY MONTY had huge admiration for Churchill as a statesman as a figurehead as as an Oreta right. But. He had really very serious criticisms of Churchill as a military strategist and. At Sense Church was really very much locked into his Victorian upbringing. Okay, And didn't really understand Morton Wolf Eh. The stand how to defeat them the German. In World War Two. So that is what gave me a kind of curiosity about and I started this. Project I never thought it was. A life of FDR as commander in chief As United, states commander in chief and That was the sort of background of of my curiosity about that. How how FDR GET ON WITH CHURCH whom he gets to know, even before pell hob. How did the relationship develop through the wall so? it's certainly being fascinating to me as an author and biographer and I I think it's fair to say that. Most of my stories is pretty revelatory. Not. I'm particularly specialists and writers story, but I think because JETRO. Himself was so brilliant and such an extraordinary can cover up. Six volumes fantastically, well written. 'emOi about how he won, will to basically a muzzle right Sir sir..

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