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We had three writers and we had a director, and then you go to studio, then we went, you versed the leverage to the package which made bids instead of going and giving the IP right. Normally, the studio would come to us and say, we have this script called Ghostbusters, and we want your story want this. Hey, well, let's say we want this director. We want this writer and they'd come one step at a time. We came with the whole thing completely put together for them all they had to say yes or no, that's right. And we did not give them much time to say, no. How quickly did the rest of the market? So this packaging which gave you guys a competitive advantage of a new formula to go to market, did the other agencies quickly jump on board and start doing it themselves or do they kind of sit and push against it for a while? And then. Later succumb to it and do as well. Well, fortunately for us, the competition was slow to react and while they in their inability to move quickly, we started silence what's happening to being her media right now in the moments of their audacity while they scrutinize it. Landgraf. All I know is in the two weeks since I've been up here, it looks like you have double. And so in their slowness in their slowness, we started assign sign other clients. And once we hit critical mass of a majority of that was it was over because you can't package without the elements, and we had three quarters of the elements. So there was no competition and it was the same problem for the studios. They had absolutely the ability to make contracts, but we have the creative people. So what we were trying to do was keep the creative people working together and hold their ideas until we could put them together. Completely Facebook. If you're watching live now, I know a lot of you listening to the podcast watching film, but if you're watching now, please put your phone number. It's a meaning opportunity to get a question into one of the legends of culture in my opinion, obviously, because as we keep going through this will Michael was able to do and disrupt not only in Hollywood. He, you know, I'm I'm doing a little talking blood in by doing some incredible work for Coca Cola and other things and started to destroy Madison Avenue. And now in these days, and we've spent less time talking about this. So I don't know as much as spending enormous amount of times in SF than with a contemporaries in Silicon Valley. So if you're a in my opinion too, because I've context of both the audience and Michael's career and what he's up to if you were a creator and you want to ask a question a macro and an often if you're listening to watching, you know how much talk about history tells you the future. I think there's no better time to call now putting your phone numbers, give Andy kind of your questions and he's looking right now. So what happens next, Michael late, you know, mid seventies, you started this company with two other morning that five live later across the way it became kind of more core like court, three right after right for different reasons. One of the guys retired, one of the guys kind of took a little bit of a backseat but stayed with us, but it was really Ron Meyer and Bill Haberman myself. And you guys had a core run for quite we had a good run. We had a good run. It's it's really incredible, isn't it? Well, what was the biggest challenge of running three headed monster? You know, that's I always say to cooks in the kitchen is already difficult. Well, I was really lucky. I had really good partners and we all split things up in a really interesting way. So Ron was fantastic with people inside the company and also was great with handling actors and actresses and Bill one better at putting television shows together. I mean, the guy had this extraordinary ability to read material and ideas and be like, and just instantaneously figure out if he could sell them as TV shows. And that left me an extraordinarily wide open field to run. So no one really stopped me from doing anything. And we had a different idea every week of what to do a different idea. And these guys supported. As a matter of fact, when we came up with the idea of working for Coca Cola and handling. All their advertising worldwide ad.

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