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You by apple chevy dot com judy an army vet from chicago who served in afghanistan is facing possible deportation will be interviewed thursday by immigration officials in the tribune reporting that they may decide to grant him citizenship thirty nine year old miguel perez junior served two years two tours of duty in afghanistan and recently finished a prison term on a drug conviction a report of a gunman in a residence hall at northwestern university today was a hoax evanston police say that call was a swatting in which someone calls in a false report to send swat teams to respond the student who the caller reported had been shot by boyfriend has been located and is safe that call came from the rockford area students around the country walking out of class today to honor the seventeen people killed one month ago in parkland and rally for gun control but at romeo ville high school students went to a special assembly in the gym because of the threat that police eventually ruled out meantime four teens arrested in connection with false threats earlier this month at a shooting would occur at palatine high school the miners three pal chinese students in a former student or charged in juvenile court threats prompting some parents to keep their children home from school on march fifth and a military plane crashed into the caribbean today off the coast of florida the f eighteen went down during a training flight near key west search and rescue efforts are now underway for the pilot let's get an update now on wgn sports here's kevin powell is even the first round of the nc double a tournament eleven seated loyola will try and keep their cinderella season alive when they play sixthseeded miami michigan will take on montano house state place south dakota state the two other big ten teams in the terni purdue michigan state play on friday first round play in the nfl not tonight including harvard against marquette penn state facing temple uic hoes saint francis in.

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