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Also kevin durant said that nobody wants to play an under armor to the pod father bill same did he forget the steph curry is the face of under armor net as his running mate that is his teammate should have said that and one of his right hand man who's also family to me chris paul mm is one of the people at under are so i would actually surprised to see these call but visited thing podcast found the volketswil copy you're in his office it just feels so it's amid this have a conversation who knows he said a lot of these visit i think that the part bother has a better relationship with kevin durant right now does junichi cobi like what about bother we're going to see the pop out there you're always on the road kevin durant connecticut out with the bubble more than we have this needs to be fixed this needs to be rectified jay cutler is now the quarterback of the miami dolphins but he was going to be a believe fox sports analyst when he was asked about how prepared he was for that he said he did absolutely zero preparation jalen rose you also do absolute zero preparation for your media career sought your relate pretty goes the jalen rose who will of media he did and this is you don't do the show in the meeting it's always beth if you could freestyle aviv versatile and yet be able to ride the wave of current events that with this job was all about what the difference between mean hill i've got experience he said he'd never does any mnore you were just waiting for team mccollum are also going to have to do this right i don't have prayer when i'm doing fifteen show exactly exactly also we have this jalen rose in the first round way at the us open alexander's of were retro tennis outfit that included very very high tube sucks you very famously with the fab five brought the world the athletic black sock do you cosigned this new sucked movement i'm not mad at it i'm not you know key veil horror rocks to haas dick did rock sock we will give keith van horn enough recognition for being a fashion trailblazer well michael cooper mmhmm a a little bit older than keith van horn thing he was doing it all prior to help for luke catching a.

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