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One minute We're gonna give it quick. Call them. We'll take calls for the final half hour. Scott, Utah, the 60 seconds of yours. You're on the clock. Go! Hello, Mr Hannity. GDP finest 3% 11,000 jobs lost on the pipeline. How many on the wall? Let's keep The track of how many jobs Joe Biden loses in his first year. In fact, his whole administration, it's a shock that he is not taking America into account. Thanks for taking my call. I think I think you are right. And remember, don't forget the side businesses. In other words, those businesses that support the energy sector jobs and the building of the wall jobs and the Anwar jobs and the other pipeline jobs that Joe said he's getting rid of. Great 0.809 41 Sean, our number. We're going to take your calls Final half hour straight to the phones as we continue. Oh, taking a look at KSFO Traffic San Jose on this sub found 87 connector Rampton north bound to 80. The solar vehicle crash vehicle plowed into some sand barrels. There's a brush fire on the left shoulder of the Blossom Hill Road off ramp from South and 11, also in San Jose, still saying some sluggish traffic in the Santa Cruz mountains this is due to an earlier stall. South on 17 from Alma College Road to he Bird Road, Redwood City. It's a vehicle fire. It is over to the shoulder South down 11 at Woodside Road, Palo Alto on north bound to 88 Page Mill Road on the on ramp that is closed until three as crews are busy repairing a guard rail slow moving traffic through San Francisco on the Skyway eastbound from one of one and then I'll take you to the entrance to the lower deck of the Bay Bridge and some better news in San Pablo. The Barrett Avenue on ramp to westbound 80 has been reopened. CHP has concluded their investigation of a fatal motorcycle crash with KS fo traffic. I'm Ted Thomas. Hello. Hello. Mrs Counts. It's the back Left tire of your RV calling wanted to give you a heads up that I'm gonna blow out on the highway later today. Wait, what it says here, I'm gonna burst in the middle of rush hour. Well, can we reschedule? Sorry our policy states that once were scheduled first. We have to. We really pride ourselves on our commitment to blow out RV owners can schedule when things go wrong on the road. That's why there's progressive, a leader, an RV insurance. You wanna text confirmation when I burst Think I noticed there's a casualty insurance company in affiliates. Hi, folks. I'm sure by now you've heard about Dr.

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