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On i'll tell you what it's got an sexual innuendo mild profanity toilet. Humor drinks that role the awkwardness it's mojo in the mornings. Six on sex. It's the special father's day edition of six sacks tiffany. Are you ready ready. You are crazy. I cannot believe you agreed to do this. Tiffany is gonna do six on sex this morning with not just one but two dads her father and her father in law all right studio audience. Let's welcome her daddy to the show. this father vandal. Happy father's day to you. Are you okay with being on the radio sir. And then we also have to wish a happy father's day to tiffany's father in law ray. Hi ray bill. God is it okay for you to be on the radio all right. This is a special father's day edition of six on sax. Have you ever heard of this contest. Did the last knows that ray. So dad and dad to tiffany is on the phone with us right now. Say hello to your lovely daughters slash. Daughter-in-law tiffany is going to be. Asked six questions about her sex life. Her husband great van. Don't you're going to have to listen in while your daughter's being asked these questions and Ray you're gonna have to be listening while the your daughter-in-law's me and ask the questions. Okay and if you guys hang up the phone you'll lose the contests all right so you got got the idea. I got the ideal tiffany. When is your husband's name here. Question number one. tiffany in six on sax. Have you ever had saks at your parents. Or your father in law's house he would you like were wow can. Can you recall one particularly My mom asked me to house. Sit for her My mom dad. And i went over there. My husband came with me. And then when me and my husband i got together. We live with my father-in-law Ray and You know because there as well question number two. Have you ever had sex this. Have you ever had sex. Your father-in-law's house in a place. Other.

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